Tower of Fantasy wanderer creation limit reached error fix

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If you're playing the brand new shared open world RPG, Tower of Fantasy in the first few days then you might have had some difficulties playing. One of the most common errors that players are seeing the Tower of Fantasy wanderer creation limit reached error. What exactly does that error mean, and how can you fix it?

Tower of Fantasy launched globally on August 10, 2022 to massive popularity. The game has over four million pre-registered users, and its launch day saw server issues for a good few hours into launch.


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What is the Tower of Fantasy wanderer creation limit reached error?

The Tower of Fantasy error "wanderer creation limit reached" is a pretty ambiguous error message. There's a couple things that it could mean. You might think that it'd be that your account has created the maximum number of characters, but that'd be a bit strange given the game just came out.

What this error actually means is that the maximum number of characters have been created on that particular server. The error will come up when a player starts on a server and inputs their character name. If the error comes up, it will kick the player back out to the server selection menu.


How do I fix the wanderer creation limit reached error?

If you happened to get this particular error message while creating a character, there's only a few things that you can do. Since the game kicks you back out to the server selection screen, the best chance you have to fix the problem is to pick a different server.

When you select your server, you'll see the population of the server based on the colour of the dot next to the name. If you find one that has a green dot, then you have the best chances of getting in. If there are no green dots, then try to go for ones with orange dots. That could be good as well if you want to find a higher population server.

Another option you could go for is trying to change your region if you're just itching to play. The Chinese version has a server transfer option, but you may not be able to transfer between regions.


The last thing you can do is wait for the developers to add new servers to the server list and create your character on one of those new servers.

And that's all we have for you. Hopefully these errors won't be abundant for too long. The developers are aware of various issues with the servers including this, and are taking steps to remedy the issues through server additions and more.

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