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Idle Huntress tier list and reroll guide (September 2023)

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Idle Huntress tier list means you can make the best decisions
September 15, 2023: We've updated our Idle Huntress tier list.

Looking for your next mobile gacha sensation? Now out worldwide following an extended soft launch, the Idle Huntress tier list is here to help you pick and gear only the best characters in the game. Gacha games are notorious for getting a little stingy with resources, and using them at the wrong time is something you want to avoid.

Our Idle Huntress tier list will rank all the playable characters in the game. We'll also run through the recruitment method so you know exactly how to get some new units, as well as a handy reroll guide to show you how to get the best units without spending a penny.

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Idle Huntress tier list

Ranking Character name
S+Dante, Sima Yi, Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao, Richard, Prometheus, Daji, Takeda Shingen
SOctavius, Benkei, DaVinci, Huang Zhong, Hua Tuo, Mozart, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Watt, Oda Nobunaga, Izumo no Okuni, Robin Hood, Honda Tadakatsu, Cleopatra, Pandora, Zhou Yu, Medea
ANapoleon, Merlin, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Morgana, Artemis, Romulus, Akechi Mitsuhide, Remus, Copernicus, Mochizuki Chiyome, Thor, Loki, Hannibal, Takenaka Shigeharu, Jing Ke, Date Masamune, Misaki, Da Ji, Pandora, Niwa, Mobius, Ashikaga
BHelen, Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi, Ares, Taishi Ci, Raphael, Tamamo-no-Mae, Xu Chi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hugo, Zhao Yun, Zhen Ji, Darwin, Mendel, Don Quixote, Nene, Reginleif, Honoka, Carmen, Shibata Katsuie
CSarutobi Sasuke, Andersen, Chosokabe Motochika, Fuma Kotaro, Yu Ji, Sun ShangXiang, Teresa, Descartes, Marco Polo, Paris, La Hire, Jia Xu, Honda Tadakatsu, Hercules
DLabienus, Ptolemy, Alcibiades, Agrippa, Hypnos, Chosokabe Morichika, Chen Gong, L'Hopital, Catherine

The Idle Huntress tier list is already massive. It's a big game with dozens upon dozens of characters already available to collect and gear up. For now, we've ranked all playable huntresses in the game based on their rarity and battle proficiency, but we'll grade them on their performance in battle as soon as we've had enough time to put them through their paces.

For now, though, it's easy enough to suggest that those in the S+ tier will serve you best as long-lasting endgame fighters. The rarer the better - until new characters come along and "powercreep" the original bunch.

There will be some exceptions to this rule (like the three-star Sha Suzu in World Flipper being a top-tier unit for years), but it'll take some time to properly identify those stand-out characters on the Idle Huntress tier list for now.

Image of the recruitment screen in Idle Huntress
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Who is the best Idle Huntress character?

As per our tier list, there are a few huntresses in Idle Huntress that are definitely worth getting - like Dante and Sima Yi. While they're only two of the four characters in our S+ tier of the list, there's a good reason that they stand out.

Firstly, both characters are incredibly hard to actually get your hands on. Their drop rate in gacha pulls is just 0.15%, making them really tough to actually acquire: but they have the stats to back up their hard-to-get status. Dante has an incredible attacking stat of 30,485 and a base level of 200 straight off the pull.

Sima Yi is even more impressive. With 43,356 attacking and a super-high HP of 144,755, they pack serious tank power that's good for soaking up and dealing a great amount of damage. Of course, those stats don't come easy due to the very low drop probability - but if you manage to get either of these huntresses, you'll be laughing your way through the current content.

How do I get more Idle Huntress characters?

The good news is that getting new characters in Idle Huntress is a very familiar process to anyone who's played a gacha game before. It all works through a summon system, where you spend in-game currency for a random spin to unlock one of the game's huntresses.

Even better, you get a free spin of the gacha wheel just while playing the in-game tutorial. Once that's completed, you can then head to the golden Recruit menu at the bottom-left of the screen, and then spend crystals either on one-pull or ten-pull options. With gacha of course there's no way to predict which character you get - so you've got to spin and hope for something good!

How do I reroll in Idle Huntress?

Here's how to reroll in Idle Huntress:

  • Create a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial and claim rewards from the mailbox and shop
  • Pull in the Normal Gacha and Chance banners until you can't

If you're not happy with the results, delete your account using the steps outlined below:

  • Tap your profile.
  • Then hit the settings cog, and the Manage button.
  • Select Switch Account
  • Choose to delete your guest progress and restart.

Because this method can occasionally be a little hit-or-miss due to the guest progress not overwriting, it's even easier simply to delete the app and reinstall it. Provided you haven't created an account and you're going off a guest save, this will wipe that temporary data. Then, when you open the game back up, you'll be able to go from the start.

So that's it for our Idle Huntress tier list and reroll guide! For more games like this, check out our League of Pantheons code guide and the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list. Infinity Kingdom codes will work just as well, and even the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list might be up your alley. It's less anime and more cookie, but it has its charms.

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