Shakes and Fidget codes (March 2024)

"Shakes and Fidget" emblazoned in bright text over a stone maze
Credit: Playa Games GmbH

"Shakes and Fidget" emblazoned in bright text over a stone maze
Credit: Playa Games GmbH
March 5, 2024: The latest Shakes and Fidget codes are now in.

Looking for Shakes and Fidget codes? We've got all the latest, currently active rewards codes for Shakes and Fidget for you to bolster your character with. Also, we'll be keeping this page up to date with all the latest free codes, so make sure to check back regularly.

Shakes and Fidget is a satirical fantasy RPG, where players create their own heroes and attempt to lead their hero to glory. Players can fight against the AI or against other players in the PVP arena. Using the reward codes in this guide, you'll be able to survive the arena and become a living legend!

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All Shakes and Fidget Reborn codes (March 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Shakes and Fidget Codes

New DISCORDANNIVERSARY5 Redeem for rewards (New)
New 4_ADVENT_23 Redeem to obtain free rewards (New)
New RAJMOND-9G2SRedeem to obtain free rewards.
New RAJMOND-EU8Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New PROTEX-EU8 Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New PROTEX-1S6VRedeem to obtain free rewards.
New N3UTR4L-EU8Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New N3UTR4L-518J Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New HUNRIZZLE-EU8Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New HUNRIZZLE-8Y9Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New SADEG-7C2KRedeem to obtain free rewards.
New ZSOMBEY-EU8Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New ZSOMBEY-3V6DRedeem to obtain free rewards.
New DOMCAOFFICAL-EU8Redeem to obtain free rewards.
New DORZER-2E6PRedeem to obtain free rewards.
New DORZER-EU8Redeem to obtain free rewards.

Expired Codes


Shakes and Fidget gameplay, with a game menu on the left and the player's city on the right.
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Credit: Playa Games GmbH

How to redeem Shakes and Fidget codes

It's really easy to redeem codes in Shakes and Fidget. Carry out the following to redeem your codes and get your rewards:

  • Open up Shakes and Fidget on your device, then click on the plus button next to your avatar
  • Once in the shop, scroll to the bottom of the items to "Cash Coupon"
  • Enter one of the codes from our list and press on "Give Me The Bonus!"
  • Enjoy your free rewards!
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Why are my Shakes and Fidget codes not working?

If you're having problems with getting your Shakes and Fidget codes to work, you might be encountering an issue for one of two reasons. Either you're trying to use a code that has already been redeemed, or there could be a typo in the code you entered.

Ensure that you haven't misread the reward code and make sure that you've accurately typed every character. If these steps don't resolve your problem, unfortunately the reward code is no longer valid for Shakes and Fidget. If the codes don't work right a way, wait a minute or two as it may take a moment to add the rewards to your account.

What are Shakes and Fidget codes?

Shakes and Fidget codes are free coupons or rewards given to players by the game's developers as a thank you for playing their game. Since they're completely free and really easy to claim, there's no reason not to grab yourself some fantastic rewards!

All of the currently active codes will give you the following: 100 lucky coins, a dragon griffin, and a potion of eternal life. You can only use one code per account, and all codes give the same reward.

Additionally, these codes only work on accounts on the EU7 server, which was added to the game on October 6. Make sure to type the code in exactly as it's written when you enter them.

In previous reward codes for Shakes and Fidget, players have received a host of items, from mushrooms to coins to fantastical mounts. Be sure to redeem these codes to enhance your character so they can reach their full potential.

How do I get more Shakes and Fidget codes?

There isn't an exclusive source for obtaining Shakes and Fidget codes. However, joining the official Shakes and Fidget Discord or following the Shakes and Fidget X account, formerly known as Twitter, are sure-fire ways to ensure you're aware of the latest Shakes and Fidget codes.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this page to keep track of all the Shakes and Fidget codes. We'll be updating it whenever we find new codes, so if you don't want to be hunting for Shakes and Fidget codes yourself, check back here for all the latest updates.

That's all the Shakes and Fidget codes we have for now! If you're looking for more free rewards codes for other titles, why not check out all the codes for Will of Hashira or all the cheat codes for Bloxorz. We also have codes lists for Roblox's Lost Pirates and Building Towers to Fly Farther.

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