Pokemon GO Regidrago counters and weakness

Regidrago in Pokemon GO.

Regidrago in Pokemon GO.

Looking for the best Pokemon GO Regidrago counters and weakness options in Pokemon Go? We've got you covered. Regidrago can be quite a threat on its own and requires some preparation beforehand. Regidrago will debut through the Elite Raid system built off the back of the previous EX Raid feature. It'll be much tougher than Regirock, Registeel, or Regice.

March 2023 brought a new season of Pokemon GO. Just before the announcement, data miners managed to figure out a lot of what was set to arrive with the patch, and Niantic has now confirmed the contents of the latest update to Pokemon Go in a cryptic but not-so-subtle way. 

Regidrago raid dates in Pokemon Go

The event featuring Regidrago started on March 11, 2023 and April 9, 2023 This period will also include specific Timed Research tasks surrounding the new Regis to help level them up.

We're not absolutely sure whether Regidrago or Regieleki will arrive first, but keen-eyed sleuths have used colour coordination tactics from the new season trailer to make an educated guess. They believed Regidrago will arrive in March, leaving the remaining Regi Pokemon to follow in April. If we'll see them again, it remains to be seen.

Best counters for Regidrago in Pokemon GO

Fast Move
Charged Move
Dragon Tail
Dragon Tail
Draco Meteor
Dragon Tail
Draco Meteor
Quick Attack
Play Rough
Dragon Tail
Draco Meteor
Powder Snow
Dazzling Gleam
Frost Breath

If the name doesn't make it obvious, Regidrago is the Dragon-type Regi introduced in the Galar region. Dragon-type Pokemon are notoriously strong, resist basic elements, and counter their own kind. This can make taking it on much tougher than its Electric-type counterpart.

Regidrago primarily uses Dragon-type moves like Outrage and Dragon Pulse. It also uses the Normal-type charge move Hyper Beam. For fast moves, it only uses the Dark-type move Bite. That's some good news for the strong Dragon-type Pokemon you'll want to use against it.

Regidrago is a Dragon-type, meaning it has some obvious weaknesses and resistances. For starters, it is resistant to Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water-type moves, so you should avoid those altogether. On the other hand, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type moves will be Super Effective, so we suggest bringing Pokemon that can exploit these weaknesses.

Check out the table above for some relatively common counters. With these Pokemon in your party, you can make short work of Regidrago and quickly progress through the Elite Raids! With Regidrago dealt with, you can find some great options for defeating Regieleki here.

Can Regidrago be shiny in Pokemon GO?

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From the available data-mined leaks, we saw sprites for both Regidrago and Shiny Regidrago. So, we assume that Niantic will follow their previous patterns and release Shiny Regidrago during its second run in Pokemon Go.

Regidrago Max CP values

If you're hoping for a max IV Regidrago from an Elite Raid, you'll want to look out for one with either 1699 or 2124 CP depending on the weather (Windy). Either of those values in their respective weather condition signal a max IV Regidrago.

On the other hand, a minimum IV Regidrago will have a CP value of either 1614 or 2017 depending on the weather.

Is Regidrago good in Pokemon GO?

If you're able to attend (and beat) an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO, grabbing Regidrago while it's available is a no-brainer. Dragon-type Pokemon are commonly the strongest in the game.

Many that aren't legendary are considered pseudo-legendary because of their raw power. And with Regidrago being a rare pure Dragon-type Pokemon, its weaknesses are few and far between. It'll be a meta pick for years to come. Don't miss it.

For more Pokemon GO guides, check out the latest Arlo and Cliff counters if you're still grabbing Shadow Pokemon. And if you're struggling against the big boss of the lot, our Giovanni counters guide should help you out.

Like Regigigas, Regidrago is no pushover, and players should understand its moveset before heading into battle. Because of its status as an Elite Raid Pokemon, don't expect to be able to take it on with a small team like with Regice, Regirock, or Registeel.

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