Pokemon GO Regieleki counters and weakness - Max CP, best moves, and more

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An image of Regieleki in Pokémon Sword and Shield.
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As formidable as it seems by being one of the few Elite Raid encounters in the game, our Pokemon GO Regieleki counters and weakness guide should be forming a top-tier team easy. First introduced in Generation 8 right here, Regieleki is an Electric-type legendary Pokemon that's joining the mobile game for the Season of Rising Heroes.

We'll be covering Regieleki's weaknesses down below in an attempt to help you battle the golem with effective counters. That way you'll also learn which Pokemon you should steer clear of when you fight it. It's set to be one of the most powerful Electric-type Pokemon in the game, which should let classics like Zapdos and Raikou have a well-deserved rest.


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When is the Pokemon GO Regieleki raid date?

As an electric Pokemon, Regieleki can definitely light up a battlefield with its strong move set. But it still does have its weaknesses. If you're not careful, you might waste using this legendary Pokémon if you don't have the proper knowledge in using him.

Additionally, if you plan to catch him in Elite Raids in the upcoming March events of the game, you should definitely equip yourself with knowledge on defeating the legendary Pokémon. But don't fret as you still have a few days to prepare before the Regieleki Elite Raid event on March 11.

That being said, we don't yet know whether it'll be Regieleki or Regidrago appearing in Elite Raids on that date. It could be geo-specific.

A screenshot of Regieleki channeling its powers.

The best Regieleki counters and weakness for the raid

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Landorus (Therian)Mud shotEarthquake
MamoswineMud-slapHigh Horsepower
GroudonMud shotEarthquake
GarchompMud shotEarthquake
Landorus (Incarnate)Mud shotEarth power
GolurkMud-slapEarth power

As an Electric-type of Pokemon, Regieleki is weak to Ground-type moves. Some of the strongest Pokemon you can use against it are Landorus (Therian), Mamoswine, Excadrill, Groudon, and Garchomp.


As a bonus, Ground and Dragon-type Pokemon will both resist Regieleki's Electric-based attacks, reducing the need to dodge, or otherwise giving your team more time to shine. Garchamp especially will spell serious trouble for Regieleki.

Can Regieleki be shiny?

Not right now, no. When Regieleki arrives in Pokemon GO, no amount of raids will yield a shiny version.

For years now, the game has withheld shiny legendary Pokemon for their second raid run. So once Regieleki exits the raid pool, expect its eventual return to be with its shiny version at the usual 1/20 rate.

What is Regieleki's Max IV/CP?

If you're catching it from a raid, you'll want to look out for a Regieleki with either 1602 CP or 2002 CP depending on the weather (Rain). Those depict a Max IV catch.

On the other end, spotting Regieleki with 1524 of 1905 CP without or with rain respectively are the signs of a minimum IV Regieleki.


The best Regieleki moves

Move Damage EPS DPS
Thunder Shock513.310
Hyper Beam150-26.339.5
Zap Cannon140-2745.4

Thunder and Zap Cannon will deal more damage due to the Pokemon's matching type thanks to STAB, so always bear that in mind. You'll notice how huge of an attack the Hyper Beam does too with a whopping 150 damage.

Regieleki's moves are best used against Flying and Water Pokémon. So if those are your Pokémon lineup types for the raid, you might not have a chance against the Regieleki.

Is Regieleki good in Pokemon GO?

Once you get Regieleki, you'll be able to do some serious damage against other Pokémon with this electrifying creature. If you consistently use Thunder Shock and Zap Cannon move set, you can go up against these five Pokémon with that combination:

Pokémon Effective Damage

While if you use a Lock-On and Thunder combination, you can easily take down these five other Pokémon too:

Pokémon Effective Damage

Try experimenting with your moves to come up with even better attack combinations with your Regieleki. Now that you know his counters and weakness, you're sure to be prepared for the upcoming Elite Raid event.

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