Regice raid counters for Pokemon GO

Regice in Pokemon GO.

Regice in Pokemon GO.

Regice is on its way back to Legendary Pokemon GO raids this winter, and we know just how to beat them. Plenty of new Pokemon have appeared in the game since its last raid event, making some of the new Regice counters more viable than the old.

Read on below to see what we believe to be the best Pokemon GO Regice counters you can muster right now. We'll balance our picks from relatively easy-to-obtain creatures to legendary and mythical Pokemon that, if you have them, can really speed things up. Because it's harder to power up rarer Pokemon, it's important to find what works for you.

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Pokemon GO Regice raid counters

Unlike a certain other member of the Titan trio, Regice covers its weaknesses. Earthquake can deal serious damage to any Fire-type or Steel-type Pokemon looking to utilize type advantages.

Further making life miserable for the Steel-types is Regice's access to a dual Fighting-type moveset. Whichever way you go in this fight, dodging is a must.

Raid Team Choices

Regice, Registeel, and Regirock in Pokemon GO.
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Based on Regice’s typing and moveset we have some clear winners.


  • Moves: Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash

Metagross still stands as the premier Regice counter. Its moveset directly counters Regice, and it's bulky enough to shrug off the Fighting-type moveset Regice struggles to put to good use.

Bullet Punch is fast enough to make dodging Earthquake a breeze, and Ice-type moves will barely hurt it.

Mega Charizard Y

  • Moves: Fire Spin, Blast Burn

The dual Fire/Flying typing of Mega Charizard Y helps it negate the Earthquake and resist moves like Focus Blast and Rock Smash.

It will be more susceptible to the Ice-type moves of Regice as a consequence, but it's Mega Evolution stats should keep it trucking along just fine.


  • Moves: Fire Spin, Overheat

If you're without a Blast Burn Charizard army to drag out of your bank, the frequently available Moltres works a treat. In fact, it beats out a regular Blast Burn Charizard, making it cheaper to run.

Its benefits are much the same as Charizard due to its dual Fire/Flying typing.

Honorable mentions

Machamp proving to be a perfect Regice counter in Pokemon GO.
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If you're looking to use other Legendary Pokemon and their stellar states, Entei and Reshiram are two powerful picks to slot into your team. Just be sure to dodge Earthquake.

Similarly, Mega Houndoom is in the same boat. It can deal stellar damage against the sentient iceberg, but Fighting-type and Ground-type attacks will destroy it.

For budget teams, Fighting-type Pokemon are great picks. Common Pokemon like Machamp (from raids) and Hariyama (from the wild) won't care too much about Regice's potential movesets.

They're not as strong as the Legendary or Mega picks above and lack the stats to fight for too long, but with Counter and Dynamic Punch at the ready, they'll cheap and common picks with respectable DPS output.

Regice raid moveset

You're going to take damage, but minimizing casualties goes a long way in beating the brute.

To understand the best Regice raid counters in Pokemon GO, you need to know what moves the Iceberg Pokemon can hit you with.

These are:

Fast Moves

  • Rock Smash 
  • Frost Breath 
  • Lock-On

Charged Moves

  • Focus Blast 
  • Blizzard 
  • Earthquake

Regice raid dates (January 2023)

Regice will be appearing in five-star legendary raids from January 18-25. You'll see it appear from 10am local time on day one, and disappear at 10am local time on the final day.

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