Registeel Raid Counters Guide Pokemon GO

Regice, Regirock and Registeel are on their way back to Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go this June, and we know just how to beat them.

The Season of Discovery kicks off with the long-awaited return of the Titan trio as part of the Pokemon GO June 2021 event list.

Check below to see our guide on how to beat Registeel in Pokemon GO, where you'll learn the best Registeel counters and team movesets.

Registeel Raid Dates

Registeel will be appearing in five-star legendary raids alongside Regice and Registeel from June 1-17, 2021.

A Registeel Raid Hour spotlight event takes place on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 between 18:00-19:00 local time, where it'll be available at virtually every gym for one hour.

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Registeel Raid Moveset

You're going to take damage, but minimizing casualties goes a long way in beating the brute.

To understand the best Registeel’s raid counters in Pokemon Go, you need to know what moves the Iron Pokemon can hit you with.

These are:

Fast Moves

  • Metal Claw
  • Rock Smash
  • Lock On

Charged Moves

  • Focus Blast
  • Flash Cannon
  • Hyper Beam

The great news is that none of Registeel's potential movesets cover its weaknesses. Hyper Beam is a very strong Charged Move, however, so make sure you try your best to dodge it.

Registeel Counters

As a pure Steel-type Pokemon, Registeel is primarily weak to both Fire-type and Fighting-type Pokemon.

There are no 4x weaknesses to exploit, but by bringing Pokemon that share a type with their moveset, STAB bonuses will help you deal more damage overall.

Here are the best Registeel counters most players should be able to take to the fight:

Raid Team Choices

Rare: Mega Charizard Y

  • Moves: Fire Spin, Blast Burn

While X is often seen as the cooler version, Mega Charizard Y wins out stats-wise.

Either one works fine as a Registeel counter, but Mega Charizard Y will perform noticeably better. And yes, a normal Charizard works well, too.

Uncommon: Moltres

  • Moves: Fire Spin, Overheat

For much the same reasons as Charizard, you’ll be wanting a Moltres to tackle Registeel. Available through both raids and Team GO Rocket battles relatively often, it's an easy pick.

It's a Legendary Pokemon, so its stats should often beat out other Fire-type Pokemon.

Common: Machamp

  • Moves: Counter, Dynamic Punch

Machamp has been a common sight in raids ever since their debut. Often able to be defeated by one player, most should have a decent amount on hand to bring to the fight.

Machamp attacks fast and frequently with Counter, allowing it to stack multiple Dynamic Punch charged quickly. A fast attack means an easier time dodging Hyper Beam, too.

Honourable Mentions

Starter Pokemon evolutions like Blaziken and Typhlosion are great picks for this fight in a pinch, but only if they have access to Blast Burn from their respective Community Day spotlights.

In place of Machamp, other Fighting-type staples like Hariyama and Breloom and can work with the same moveset. Just don't expect them to survive quite as long as the four-armed macho man.

Entei is an exceptionally powerful Legendary Pokemon that can fill in for Moltres just fine. Heatran can work against a Metal Claw/Hyper Beam Registeel, but it's a defensive option more than anything.

Ghost-type Pokemon like Mega Gengar and Chadelure can hit Registeel's weaknesses while resisting things like Rock Smash and Hyper Beam. They're not the strongest, but they'll take the least damage.

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