Here's Every Pokemon GO Event for June 2021

Whether it's freezing cold or boiling hot, there's never a dull moment in Pokemon GO. Niantic's real-world collect-a-thon is rarely without a new event, meaning there's always a rabbit hole to dive deep into whenever you happen to fire up the app. To make sure you're getting the most out of every in-game opportunity, we've rounded up all the June 2021 Pokemon GO events set to take place. It's going to be a slow one.

Pokemon GO June 2021 Events List

Welcome to the Pokemon GO Season of Discovery! June 2021 is the start of this new leg of events that will lead us straight into GO Fest 2021 -- the game's annual big summer blockbuster. There's more to a season than one short month, of course, but here's what the June 2021 Pokemon GO events schedule looks like right now:

Pokemon GO June 2021 Research Breakthrough Reward

Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in Pokemon GO.
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Clamperl features as the Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough Reward for June 2021, taking the place of last month's Galarian Ponyta. Unlike the mainline Pokemon titles, Clamperl can evolve into either Huntail or Gorebyss without any additional items. Just toss 50 Clamperl Candy at the sea critter and you'll have your choice of either evolution.

Pokemon GO Raid Hours June 2021

These community-driven events put a specific, often rare, Pokemon at the front of the raid queue, ensuring players here, there, and everywhere have a precise moment in time to catch as many they can manage. The June 2021 Pokemon GO event schedule has the titan trio of legendaries take up the first three weeks' worth of raid hours. Click the links below to learn how to beat Regice, Registeel, and Regirock with our Raid counter guides:

So who (or what) will take the final two? Expect the mystery raid switch of Jun 17 to take the penultimate one, and perhaps the star of the Jun. 25th event to take take the last. We're expecting Regigagas for the former and Bibarel for the latter.

Pokemon GO Mega Raids June 2021

From this point onward, only one Mega Pokemon will feature in Mega Raids at a time. That means no more guessing and praying that your preferred beast pops for a fight. For the first week of June, Mega Lopunny is the star of the show, things then move onto Mega Slowbro to coincide with the A Very Slow Discovery event, and the month is rounded off by Mega Gyarados.

Pokemon GO Community Day June 2021 - Gible Community Day Times

Pokemon GO June 2021 Community Day featuring Gible.
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The Pokemon GO June 2021 Community Day event could be the most important yet. The rare Pokemon Gible takes to the stage on the first Sunday of the month, making it the perfect opportunity to load up the immensely powerful, fast, and versatile Garchomp. Evolving Gible during the event will allow it to pick up the Earth Power move -- a fantastically strong Ground-type attack that's conveniently boosted by Garchomp's own Dragon/Ground typing. Don't miss this.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour - All June 2021 Spotlight Pokemon

This year, the month of June manages to fit five Tuesdays in, meaning just as many spotlight hours and coming to Pokemon GO this month. In order, expect Dwebble, Abra, Slowpoke, Swinub, and Aipom to be in abundance each and every Tuesday. With a different Pokemon for each week, the bonus for playing during that hour changes, too.

Scheduled Events

Galarian Slowpoke as seen in Pokemon GO.
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Three lengthy events are set to take place throughout the Pokemon Go June 2021 events caladar. New Galarian forms will debut, region-specific Pokemon will spin back around with the turning of the earth, and a mystery event will round off the month that we'll have to wait on to find out about. Here's the lot.

A Very Slow Discovery

This one will introduce Galarian Slowpoke and its evolutions to Pokemon GO. Previously exclusive to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Galarian Slowpoke drops its Water typing, eventually picking up the Poison type as it evolves to become a relatively unique Psychic/Poison combo. Lots of other Slowpoke-themed goodies will be up for grabs throughout the event; from new clothing items and research goals, to Mega Slowbro raids and stickers.

Solstice Event

With the turning of the earth comes the Pokemon Go 2021 Solstice event. To match the revolving seasons, those in the Northern hemisphere will notice increased Summer-themed Pokemon, whereas Southern denizens will feel the chill of Winter-theme creatures.

Pokemon GO Late-June 2021 Event

As Niantic like to keep a few surprises hidden away so as not to make one particular month too predictable, there's one last event in June that's currently shrouded in mystery. We'll update this as we learn more.

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