Memento Mori reroll guide - Best characters to reroll for (October 2022)

A character to aim for with a Memento Mori reroll.

A character to aim for with a Memento Mori reroll.

Get off to a great start in this idle RPG with these Memento Mori reroll steps. Though we weren't entirely sure what type of game it was prior to release, Memento Mori is out now, and it's clear it's a fairly in-depth battle RPG. With gacha games like this, it's important to get the best units as early as possible before the free rewards start to dry up.

Down below, that's exactly what we'll do: save you time by quickly running over how to reset your account to try your first few pulls again. There are two major times you can do this around the start of the game, so we'll list out two - which one you choose depends on your time and luck.

For more on the newest gacha game, our Memento Mori tier list is worth loading up. We'll go over which characters to aim for in a reroll, but being aware of some other top picks won't hurt. Our Memento Mori codes guide can help there.

How to reroll in Memento Mori

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Complete the tutorial.
  3. Do the tutorial ten-pull.
  4. Collect the pre-registration rewards and other goodies.
  5. Perform a ten-pull again using 3000 of the 5000 gems.
    1. Skip to step nine if you want to perform a quick reroll, otherwise continue.
  6. Complete up to chapter 2-8.
    1. You will need to level up and equip your team to achieve this - use any SRs you have.
  7. Collect the rewards from the mission tab, which should result in hitting 3000 gems again.
  8. Pull again.
  9. Close and reopen the game.
  10. Select the top-right button on the splash screen.
  11. Select "Reset game data".
  12. Repeat the steps.

There are two distinct points you can perform a Memento Mori reroll.

The first comes at the end of the soft tutorial when you clear the first country. So once you move into stage 2-1, you'll be prompted to perform a ten-pull summon. Unlike other games, the outcome of this isn't set in stone. You'll always get an SR character, but it's pulled at random like any other.

Because of that, it's your first moment to do a Memento Mori reroll if you don't want to go the extra mile. Do this pull, collect your pre-registration rewards from the present box, and do another.

If you don't get your desired characters at this stage, you have two options: complete up to 2-8 to perform another ten-pull with the 300 gems you get via mission rewards up to that point (which push you over to 6000 gems total), or reroll from that point and do the Chapter 2-1 reroll again.

To break that down further, either reroll at chapter 2-1, or level up your team to at least level ten, auto-equip gear, and fight through to 2-8 before you reroll.

Resetting an account in MementoMori to reroll.
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To execute the MementoMori reroll, just close and reopen the game. From the splash screen, tap the top-right icon and select "Reset game data." This will wipe your account and let you start the whole process again.

Once you're happy with the results of your MementoMori reroll, link your account through the top-right menu button in-game to keep it. At this point on

, you won't be able to reset your account again and you'll be able to reclaim it if you change devices or reinstall the game.

One of the characters to aim for with a MementoMori reroll.
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Best characters to reroll for in Memento Mori

Amleth, Illya, Lunalynn, Rosalie
Iris, Luke, Olivia, Hathor, Sabrina, Freesia, Sonya, Shizu, Primavera, Loki, Arianrhod, Florence, Soteira, Valeriede, Monica, Rean,
Amour, Belle, Carol, Fenrir, Merlyn, Soltina, Zara, Libra, Petra, Cordie, Garmr, Charlotte, Mertillier, Theodora, Ivy, Nina, Skuld, Dian, Olivia, Cherna,
A.A, Natasha, Moddey, Tropon, Mimi,

As for which characters you'll want to reroll for, it depends on whether you're looking for your personal favourites or the ones most likely to carry you through most of the game's current content. That's where the time versus investment consideration comes into play.

If you're looking to maximise your returns without spending a penny, you need to keep rerolling until you get specific top-tier Memento Mori characters.

Through levelling those ones up specifically, you'll more easily defeat bosses and tricky chapters, meaning you're ultimately getting more from your upgrade materials by levelling up these specific characters as opposed to a good dozen others in an attempt to create multiple teams to tackle one-off tricky battles.

For a little more gacha goodness, check out our Marvel Snap tier list. With the latest Marvel Snap codes, you'll be pulling for top-tier cards in a new game that lets you unlock every card from a set before moving you up to the next pool.

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