MementoMori tier list (September 2023)

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Image of a MementoMori character holding a rose.
September 21, 2023: Lea enters our Memento Mori tier list!

Gacha fans, get excited. MementoMori is available now, and we've cooked up a character introduction page and MementoMori tier list for you to check out who you want to use in the game.

The premise of the game is nice and simple: collect characters, who are girls with mystical powers - some are witches, some are warriors - and fight to restore the land and destroy The Curse. MementoMori not only has a refreshing story, but also a delightful art style that sets it apart from other games, and we highly recommend it.

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MementoMori tier list - All characters ranked

Tier Character
SSOlivia, Natasha, Rean, Freesia, Fortina, Fenrir, Cordie, A.A, Ophelia
SAmleth, Amour, Mertillier, Rosalie, Sabrina, Florence, Primavera, Illya, Luke, Cerberus, Carol
ASoteira, Soltina, Moddey, Lunalynn, Loki, Hathor, Nina, Cherna, Sophia, Sonya, Lea
BArianrhod, Charlotte, Iris, Merlyn, Monica, Skuld, Garmr, Libra, Rosalie, Monica, Carol, Belle, Fenrir
CPetra, Theodora, Zara, Dian, Ivy, Mimi, Tropon, Shizu, AA

Any game that has a roster of pullable characters will have units of different abilities, with various roles and skills. Specifically to MementoMori, these include fighters, ranged options, and healers or support.

Bear in mind that the game releases worldwide on October 18, so our tier list is subject to change when it does.

Image of four MementoMori characters.
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All characters


Veela is a strange girl who can hear voices in the water and is surrounded by red fish that only she can see and speak to. She has a water maiden friend who can aid her in battle.


Cerberus, the little sister of Fenrir, has puppy features and mannerisms. She is dependent on her sister and never wants to leave her side.


Illya is a determined soul and is brave to boot. Her strength is commendable and she will never back down from a problem.


Iris is your loyal attendant. You chose to save her from the Witch Hunt, and she is indebted to you.


Hailing from the nation of witches, Rosalie is hundreds of years old and wields an ancient staff. She knows secrets that will be helpful to your own adventure.


Queen of the Vyde Kingdom is Amleth. The land is bathed in ice and snow and has been destroyed by The Curse. She made a promise, but the person she made it to has turned against her.

Image of four MementoMori characters.
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Born into a family of knights, Luke was raised as her brothers were. She has bad luck and has been called a harbinger as she failed to protect those around her.


Olivia believes in Heaven and hopes her good deeds will get her into it. She once protected her own village with magic, but this was not met with enthusiasm, and the Church soon turned against her.


Lunalynn, the Witch of Snowy Illusions, was captured instead of her younger sister, and has been held captive in this cruel world.


As the daughter of an aristocratic family, Amour has turned her attention to the dreamier side of reality, wanting nothing more than a fairy-tale ending. After facing heartbreak at the hands of her fiance, she lost her magic and is working to retrieve it.

Image of four MementoMori characters.
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Soltina is Lunalynn's younger sister, who was meant to be taken by the Inquisition. As Lunalynn stepped up instead, Soltina is chasing to save her.


Belle was taken in as an orphan and vowed to seek revenge upon the witch who burnt down her orphanage. This proved harder than she expected and revealed some shocking truths.


Merlyn, known as the Witch of the Deep Forest, lost her master to a cruel fate. She lives alone and refuses to get close to others. One day she may learn to take on an apprentice.


Fenrir works hard to look after her little sister Cerberus, even when an awful event causes them to be separated. She learns courage in order to carry on and save her sibling.

Image of four MementoMori characters.
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Carol gave up a lot to gain magical powers. Her memories only last a week. Because of this, she writes them all down and re-learns them every time.


The Witch of Mourning Flowers, one of the 'Ten Witches of Qlipha', Natasha is a force to be reckoned with and has spread a Curse that uses flowers to wither and break the land.


A.A. was created in a lab and is therefore lacking actual emotions. She is working to resolve this and become a proper part of human society. She goes by The Witch of Rust.

But there you have it, that's all of the characters in MementoMori! If you're looking for more games to sink your teeth into, be sure to try our Tower of Fantasy tier list or Genshin Impact tier list, for some of the best RPGs on mobile!

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