Honkai Star Rail reroll guide (April 2023) - How to get five-star characters fast

Characters sat around a table in Honkai Star Rail.

Characters sat around a table in Honkai Star Rail.

If you're looking for some Honkai Star Rail reroll tips, we're here to help. Honkai Star Rail has a host of characters to accompany you on your journey, but they can be a nightmare to get through its gacha systems. If there are any specific characters you want, rerolling is strongly recommended.

The pre-registration rewards for Honkai Star Rail should make the rerolling experience easier, as Hoyoverse has promised 20 pulls for pre-registering or logging in during the launch period. You'll need to play the game and progress a fair bit to unlock the wish system, but rerolling could save you a lot of time in the future.

How to reroll in Honkai Star Rail

Here is the quickest way to reroll in Honkai Star Rail:

  1. Login to Honkai Star Rail using your email.
  2. Complete the tutorial and go through all of the dialogue.
  3. Progress the story until you receive your Star Rail Passes and unlock the summoning menu.
  4. Pull for the characters you want.

If you do not receive the character you want, you have to log out and log in with a different email to repeat the process. The dialogue cannot be skipped, which makes the reroll process highly tedious. Be prepared to click through hours of text before you finally get the character you want.

Is it worth rerolling in Honkai Star Rail?

Hoyoverse no longer offers a Guest Login option, which means that you can’t just clear your account data and reset your progress like before. You need to spend 40 minutes to complete the tutorial, and reach the stage where you can start pulling.

The game offers 20 Star Rail Passes as part of the pre-registration rewards, but as these can only be used on the Standard (Departure Warp) banner, it won't hlp much.

As you're guaranteed to obtain a five-star character from the Departure Warp banner within 50 pulls, using Star Rail codes and Twitch drops can speed you through this banner. If your five-star of choice is included, it makes sense to reroll if you don't get who you're after.

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If you are okay with spending around 40 minutes on each reroll and have spare email accounts that you can use for rerolling, feel free to go ahead.

If you plan on being a free-to-play player or a low-spender, rerolling is recommended, as it can take forever to earn pulls past the mid-game. Getting a top-tier character at the start of the game will minimize the need to excessively pull for others.

You should reroll for characters you think you will enjoy using. But if you don't have any characters in mind, here are our top recommendations if you want to reroll in Honkai Star Rail.

While units like Jung Yuan and Seele are very tempting to go for as DPS units, offensive supports might be your best bet if you are looking for long-term value. If Honkai and Genshin are examples to go by, support units are much more resilient in the meta. Therefore, you should consider pulling for Bronya and Tingyun, who would be our top two recommendations.

That is all you need to know about rerolling in Honkai Star Rail. We hope you get the characters you want. If you want to check out more, we also have a Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf build in case you are planning to reroll for her.

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