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Fart Race codes - free pets and toilets (August 2023)

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A Roblox character stood next to a toilet in Fart Race.
August 7, 2023: We checked for any new Fart Race codes.

If you need Fart Race codes, we're here to help. This wacky Roblox game from Game Geek Studio is about seeing how far you can propel yourself by the power of your flatulence alone. It's a silly concept, but Roblox players appear to be hooked.

In this guide, we'll go over all the working Fart Race codes you can redeem right now. On top of that, we'll detail the code redemption process, breaking down what each code unlocks and how to get more freebies down the line.

New Fart Race codes (August 2023)

  • Huge - Redeem for free toilet
  • ENCHANT - Redeem for free toilet
  • 60KGOOD
  • 30KYEAH
  • HAPPY100 - Redeem for fire pet
  • 500TOILET - Redeem for toilet pet
  • 1000FART - Redeem for octopus toilet
  • 3000LIKE - Redeem for blue toilet
  • 10000SUPER - Redeem for orange toilet

The following Fart Race codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as inactive on August 7, 2023.

Expired codes:

  • No expired codes yet!
Image of the code redemption menu in Fart Race on Roblox.
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How do I use Fart Race codes?

Fortunately, it's really easy to redeem Fart Race codes. Simply follow the instructions below. Even better, it works the same on Roblox mobile and PC.

  • Boot up Fart Race via the Roblox game page.
  • Once in a lobby, tap the Codes icon emblazoned by a gift box.
  • Paste in a code from our list and hit Redeem.
  • If the code is working, you'll get a message saying what you've unlocked.

What are Fart Race codes?

Like so many other Roblox games, Fart Race codes grant players extra free items. In this specific case, they provide pets and new toilets. Pets act like charms that multiply your yields after each time you propel yourself using farts. Toilets work similarly, each having different speed and reward multipliers to improve your performance.

As more Fart Race codes roll in, there's a chance there will be even more rare toilets and perhaps some currency to give players free upgrades.

How do I get more Fart Race codes?


With the game out now and likely to skyrocket in popularity, you'll be glad to know that even more Fart Race codes have been confirmed. Each time the game hits a like goal on Roblox, the devs drop a new coupon. The next one is expected at 100,000 likes, and as the game currently sits around the 71,000 mark, there isn't too long to wait.

You'll find the latest codes written directly in the Roblox description, so you don't need to look elsewhere to find them. However, there is a Discord server worth joining because platform-specific codes could land there down the line.

That's it for our look at Fart Race codes! For more Roblox codes, we've got plenty of other guides to check out. Use these Shindo Life codes and PLS DONATE codes for two of the most popular games on the platform. Alongside them, we've got Reaper 2 codes and Blox Fruits codes.

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