Eternal Evolution tier list (September 2023) - Best characters for launch

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September 13, 2023: We've updated our Eternal Evolution tier list.

If you're just starting the game and don't know how to rank the heroes, our Eternal Evolution tier list should help you out. Going over every hero in the game, this should be a base of knowledge to build out your own team.

As well as giving a tier list, we go over what makes the best heroes stand out and we also give some information on Ravenna, the new hero. Being a little too new to fully fit onto the tier list, we go over what makes them work and how good we think they will be.

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Eternal Evolution tier list (September 2023)

Crete, Oak, Zaida, Oisa, Bohr Luke, Emma Nadilus, Taylor, Bailey Hudson, Ravenna, Poluna
Hercules, Artas, Guan Yu, Prigor, Poluno, Moriami, Bot Mark II, Zander, Omar, Sernea, Masrani, Rez, Falvea, Sorietta, Aniruddha
Murphyro, Liran, Langel, Orn, Kar'Maw, Azena, Rakkana, Randall, Shenweid, Khalazza, Muka, Hyupnos, Kuite,
Jericho, Pellew, Clunk, Techi, Hnadt, Dhaka, Wyss, Amesh, Lieg
Sabriel, Zaden, Faddy, Isaac, Nabeela, Nero, Haemon, Bardeen, Noffy, Lufanel

Our Eternal Evolution tier list goes over where we think every character belongs. This being said, we haven't added Ravenna, as they are new and we haven't had enough time to really decide their ranking yet. We do go over them further down the page if you want a reaction and some advice.

Given there are just so many heroes, it doesn't make sense to go throw everyone and what puts them in that rank. Instead, we will go over the main roles and why some of our S picks deserve their ranking.

As far as tanks go, Crete, Oak and Zaida sit at the top of our list due to their ability to crowd control. They will draw fire and generally pose a threat. With high HP pools and plenty of annoying abilities, it makes it hard for the enemy to look anywhere else.

After this, Luke was picked due to their huge AOE potential. They are at their best when chipping away at multiple enemies at once. Then, the likes of Emma and Nadilus pick up our DPS section, being great at homing in on enemies and doing tonnes of damage.

Bailey Hudson is another good damage dealer who has the ability to take down specific enemies at will.

From here, we move on to our support characters. The likes of Serena and Masrani are great at both healing and buffing your troops. This makes them great tucked away behind a tank. Doing some of the tank's work, Rez has good crowd control abilities, able to draw fire and distract. You need a team that leverages many of these abilities at the same time.

Is Ravenna good in Eternal Evolution?

So far, it seems like Ravenna is a very solid choice of character. An SSS-Level hero, they have huge damage, AOE attacks and a lot of speed.

Being capable of hitting multiple enemies and doing focused damage, they seem to be a bit of an all-rounder. It seems like they may be worth throwing into your regular rotation.

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