Dear Ella codes (February 2024) - Free items

A magical character holding a spell book and staff in Dear Ella.

A magical character holding a spell book and staff in Dear Ella.
February 28, 2024: We hunted for new Dear Ella codes.

Looking for Dear Ella codes? Developed by Com2us, it's an anime gacha game with an NFT spin to keep those invested in the blockchain interested. Of course, one of the first thing newcomers want to know is whether codes are available, and how you can start redeeming freebies.

In this Dear Ella guide, we'll break down all the codes you can redeem to get free items right now. That's on top of plenty of other handy information, such as how the code redemption process works, what each code unlocks, and where to check for new code drops in the future.

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All working Dear Ella codes (February 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Dear Ella Codes

Code Reward
FJ39SNBQ x20 Summon Scroll, x50000 Gold, x200 Gem
JGJG39WW Gem x2000, Gold x130000
AAN38WB2 Gold x400000, Summon Scroll x30 after using the code

Expired codes:

  • No expired codes yet!
Ella wearing a red dress in Dear Ella.
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How do I use Dear Ella codes?

Since there aren't any Dear Ella codes yet, it's hard to say exactly how you go about redeeming them. As such, the instructions below are based on early experience with the game.

  • Load up Dear Ella on your mobile device.
  • Once you're through the tutorial, tap the settings cog icon.
  • Look for the Redeem box, and paste in a code from our list. Note that as of launch, this isn't here!
  • Hit Enter.
  • If the code is valid and working, check your in-game mail to see your freebies!

What are Dear Ella codes?

Without any Dear Ella codes to speak of just yet, it's tricky to say exactly what they are. However, there's a good chance that Dear Ella codes will be free coupons you can use to grab in-game items.

Codes in gacha games tend to come at the discretion of the developer, with some games never receiving codes at all. Therefore, we'll have to hold out hope that Com2us provides Dear Ella codes.

As soon as we know the specific items and boosts granted through Dear Ella codes, we'll update this section.

How do I get more Dear Ella codes?

Luckily, there are plenty of areas you can check for Dear Ella codes. We've compiled a few of them down below, to ensure you never miss out on any potential freebies.

First and foremost, the game has both Twitter and Facebook pages. These are constantly updated with news on Dear Ella, and as such is probably where codes would arrive down the line. On top of that, you can join the game's Discord server, and check the official website for even more information.

That's it for our look at Dear Ella codes! If you want some Roblox codes to tide you by while we wait, grab these Shindo Life codes and Slayers Unleashed codes.

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