Dear Ella tier list (April 2023) - All characters ranked

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A crowd of characters stood together in Dear Ella.
April 6, 2023: We've added Rashida to our tier list.

Looking for a Dear Ella tier list? This new gacha game is bound to make a splash with mobile gamers, but you may want to know which characters are best. As expected, a lot of the recruitment process is down to sheer luck, but there's no harm in seeing which fighters tower above the rest.

In this Dear Ella guide, we'll rank all characters in the game based on our early impressions, alongside community picks after its Korean release. On top of that, we'll take a look at how you can get more characters in the game, as well as how to reroll if you aren't happy with your progress so far.

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Dear Ella tier list (April 2023)

Ranking Character name
SErthel, Eriel, Jin Ryu, Lynn, Lupus
AZafina, Jukha Ryu, Ella, Yi Nam, Wayne, Sith, Esteban, Violet, Rashida
BKairos, Hestia, Yeon Bi, Celine, Hyun Jin, Wallace, Zenon, Florene
CLuke, Clai, Simone, Catherine, Shao
DDeanna, Rodric, Charlotte, Gardin, Heroy, Lupio

See the table above for our Dear Ella tier list, complete with all characters in the game. As mentioned, our rankings comprise community opinion following the game's Korean release, as well as our opinions.

If you see a character you don't recognise, then worry not: many of these faces have yet to be added to the post-launch version of Dear Ella. You can expect to see them soon - and until then, you can see how they stack up against other characters.

Three anime characters aiming weapons in Dear Ella.
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Who is the best character in Dear Ella?

Currently there are two characters who tower above the rest in Dear Ella: the twins Erithel and Eriel. We don't know too much about them yet, but they frequently appear at the top rank of fan-made tier lists. Once the game is in wide release, you'll no doubt see them tear through enemies on the battlefield.

On top of that, some of the base characters such as Ella, Wallace, and Kali are also worth using. These are the only three fighters listed on the game's official website, and as such it's likely that you'll unlock them very early into your journey. Therefore, it's good to know that they'll go the distance and perform solidly until you need to upgrade.

How do I get more characters in Dear Ella?

Speaking of upgrading, Dear Ella is your classic gacha game. As such, character recruitment works on a summon system, where you spend in-game currency to access random spins for different characters.

Once you've completed the guided tutorial and you've got access to all the main menus in Dear Ella, you should head over to the Summon menu. On the right hand side you'll see all the banners currently on offer. Simply select the one you want, and spend your currency to have a spin. You'll then have to sit through a cutscene before tapping a gem that unlocks your characters.

Even better, there's a free banner where you can get a roll simply for watching an advert. The rewards definitely won't be as fruitful as an S-tier character, but it's an easy way to bag yourself some freebies nonetheless.

Dear Ella reroll guide


If you aren't happy with how your early tutorial spins have gone and you wish to start over, you can always perform a reroll in Dear Ella. This is where you completely wipe your current progress, starting with a fresh account, and crucially with those free spins ahead of you. Here's how to do it:

  • Start up Dear Ella by signing up as a guest, without an email.
  • Play the game until you hit the gacha tutorial, and use your free spins.
  • If you're unhappy, simply uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • When playing once more, select a guest account again to get a completely new save.

If you do end up getting something good with your free spins, all you have to do then is create an account and link it to your existing save on your device. That way, it'll stay tied to your account forever.

That's it for our Dear Ella tier list and reroll guide! For even more on the biggest mobile games around, redeem some Project Slayers codes, or check out our Mobile Legends tier list.

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