Cross Summoner R codes - free pulls and tickets (November 2022)

Cross Summoner R art.

Cross Summoner R art.

Ready to take on a new adventure in Cross Summoner R? To help you get the best head start, we've collected all the Cross Summoner R codes for some free gifts you can use to kick-start your journey. The revival of the 2014 game Final Sky has launched after a lengthy beta test, and you can get a few goodies to make your mark right from the get-go.

Originally released in a regional beta earlier in the year in Canada and the UK, Cross Summoner R is now live for it. It's an adventure game that requires you to create the best team of heroes that you can, to push back the chaos and dark magic seeping through the kingdoms. For that, every code helps.

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All working Cross Summoner R codes


For now, there are no available codes for Cross Summoner. However, there is a 'gift code' option in the menu, so we expect to see some sooner rather than later.

The Cross Summoner codes were last checked and confirmed on October 17, 2022.

Expired Codes

  • CSRFB500
  • CSRFB300
  • CSRFB200
  • SUMNR10

How do I use Cross Summoner R codes?

Redeeming codes in Cross Summoner is really easy. On the main menu screen, head to the top left - there'll be an icon of Holy Knight Fortis' face. Click that - it's your character and personal menu.

Here, among some other settings, is a 'Gift Code' button. That will bring up a redemption box ready for any codes we get. Just type them in there (or copy/paste if you can) and hit redeem.

When will more Cross Summoner R codes drop?

New Cross Summoner codes will likely release throughout the launch period. This tends to last around a month with mobile games, but it could end earlier.

Any other codes you come across are either from the version of the game that released back in 2014 (yes, it's that old) and won't work, or are just nonsense made up by people trying to convince you that they have something of worth.

It's not an uncommon practice in the mobile gaming space, so if you've seen a Cross Summoner code that just won't work, that's probably why.

Where to find Cross Summoner R code rewards

Once you've redeemed your Cross Summoner R codes, you'll probably be left wondering where they've gone. They all splash up on the screen for you to see, but finding them can be tricky.

For the most part, Cross Summoner R codes should drop rewards directly into your in-game inventory. If you can't see them there, though, you may have the check the mailbox instead. The in-game one, that is.

Cross Summoner pre-registration rewards.
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Cross Summoner Pre-Registration Rewards

There may not be any codes to give us some free stuff yet, but there are pre-registration rewards. These are still available as the game's beta only covers two countries.

At present, players will get 50,000 Gold Coins and 500 Diamonds on top of the items in the image above.

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