WWE SuperCard QR codes (December 2022) - Free wrestlers and items

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December 27, 2022: We've added a couple of new WWE SuperCard QR codes.

If you remember playing with WWE Top Trumps cards in school (or anywhere else, for that matter), you're bound to get something out of the latest WWE SuperCard QR codes. These limited-time promos award new cards in the mobile TCG, letting you build up your collection of the biggest names in wrestling.

So what do you do with that WWE SuperCards that you collect? Make them fight it out, of course. It may not have the flair of a console-level wrestling game, but pitting raw stats against those of your opponents turns wrestling from an apparent game of brawn to a game of brains instead.

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New WWE SuperCard QR codes (December 2022)

The method for redeeming WWE SuperCard QR codes.
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How to redeem WWE SuperCard QR codes

  • Access the QR code reader from the Options menu in-game
  • Download and upload the WWE SuperCard QR code images listed here
    • Alternatively: use the QR code scanner to scan the QR codes from another screen
  • That's it!

WWE SuperCard QR codes need to be scanned into the game using the built-in QR code scanner found in the Options menu.

If you don't have a spare screen to load the codes up on, don't worry: there's another way. Just save each QR code image (either through the Twitter links above or the gallery below) to your phone.

Open up the in-game QR reader and you should see an option to update photos instead. Do this, and the game will automatically scan the WWE SuperCard QR codes from the uploaded images, redeeming the codes straight to your account.

WWE SuperCard QR code downloads

If you don't want to go through the hassle of opening up each Twitter link above to get your WWE SuperCard QR codes, you're free to turn to the gallery above.

It may include outdated and expired codes, but it's faster to scroll through these on a laptop and scan them with your phone than to go through the process of downloading each one and uploading them to the game. Just be prepared for a few expired codes is all we're saying.

How do I get more WWE SuperCard QR codes?

Right now, new WWE SuperCard codes seem to drop on the game's official Twitter account around the 21st of every month. Keep an eye on the socials around then (or check back here) to get the latest code.

Beyond that, sometimes the in-game news feed can list a code ahead of the social channels.

In the past, the game has also partnered up with a bunch of Twitch streamers, giving each one their own custom WWE SuperCard QR code for viewers to redeem. The last time that happened was February 4, 2022, but the social channels will, again, let you know when that's about to happen again.

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