New World Guide - How to Obtain Tuning Orbs

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Amazon’s New World has a wide array of activities for its players to engage in, such as gathering, crafting, and engaging in various kinds of combat by playing in Expeditions or Arenas. However, to have access to these activities, you must first have some special items in your possession, called Tuning Orbs.

Today we will talk about the many mysterious Tuning Orbs, how to craft them, and the variety of playable activities related to them.

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What are the Tuning Orbs?

To be able to obtain Tuning Orbs, you must first complete the quest "Destiny Unearthed", part of the main story questline that will unlock your first Tuning Orb and the Amrine Excavation Expedition. After that, you must level up your Stonecutting skills and your character, which in time will unlock the rest of the activities and Tuning Orb Recipes.

There are three Arenas and six Expeditions in New World, and all of them involve you teaming up with other players to be able to complete them since they can be pretty difficult to beat. Thankfully, only one player needs to have the appropriate Tuning orb for all the group to play the activity, so it's not as draining as it sounds.

That being said, you should keep in mind that Tuning Orbs are a consumable item, so once you're done with the Expedition or Arena, you will need to craft another one if you want to play it again.


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New World's Island of Aeternum.

How To Craft Tuning Orbs

After unlocking your first Tuning Orb and Expedition, the recipes and requirements for crafting the rest of the Tuning Orbs are the following:

Item Name Stonecutter Level Required Recipe Activity Related
Armite Tuning Orb25Corrupted Sliver x10, Iron Chisel x1, Stone Block x50, Eternal Heart x1Amrine Excavation Expedition
Depths Tuning Orb55Corrupted Shard x10, Starmetal Chisel x1, Lodestone Brick x50, Energy Core x1 The Depths Expedition
Dynasty Tuning Orb75Corrupted Crystal x10, Orichalcum Chisel x1, Obsidian Voidstone x10, Energy Core x1Dynasty Shipyard Expedition
Genesis Tuning Orb100Corrupted Lodestone x10, Asmodeum Chisel x1, Runestone x5, Genesis Core x1Garden Of Genesis Expedition
Lazarus Tuning Orb150Corrupted Lodestone x20, Asmodeum Chisel x1, Runestone x10, Lazarus Core x1Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition
Starstone Tuning Orb50Corrupted Fragment x10, Steel Chisel x1, Stone Brick x50, Elemental Heart x1The Starstone Barrows Expedition
Monoecious Tuning Orb25Corrupted Steel x5, Starmetal Chisel x1, Lodestone Brick x50, Energy Core x1, Firefox x5Monoecious Cleft Arena
Protectors Tuning Orb50Corrupted Shard x5, Starmetal Chisel x1, Lodestone Brick x50, Energy Core x1, Glowing Swamp Moss x5 Protector's Arena of the Eternal Pools Arena
Siren Tuning Orb50Corrupted Shard x5, Starmetal Chisel x1, Lodestone Brick x50, Energy Core x1, Fancy Shell x5Arena of Siren's Stand

And that's it, now you know everything you need to get Tuning Orbs in New World! While you're here, you can also check our useful guides on every Animal, Mineral, and Fungi Locations!