New World: Every Mineral and Where To Find Them

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Ore and minerals play an incredibly important part of crafting in New World. Not only are they at the core of mining (as you'd expect) they play directly into smithing, which in term leads into weapon and armour smithing. It's safe to say that knowing what different minerals are out there, and where you can best farm them, is key for any would be prospector heading into New World.

This guide will take you through every different mineral node in the game, as well as show you where you can find each one. Using this guide and the maps we've got alongside each entry, you should have no problem tracking down any minerals you need.


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For this guide, we used Map Genie's excellent New World Aeternum map


There be gold in them hills, and plenty of it too! While not the most common of material in New World, you can find plenty of gold in the eastern rocky areas of Cutlass Keys and the south east of Brightwood.

A map showing the location of gold.


Iron's the most common of metal across Aeternum, and as such you can find it pretty much everywhere. However, you can find a surplus of it in western First Light and Monarch's Bluff.

A map showing the location of Iron.


An uncommon and valuable material, lodestone is found in short supply across a wide range of regions. If you're looking for a hot spot, we recommend the north of Great Cleave or the north east of Cutlass Keys.

A map showing the location of lodestone.


Even in the fantasy setting of New World, oil is invaluable. It's sparsely found, but you can find large deposits of it in the north of Cutlass Keys and across the coast Weaver's Fen.

A map showing the location of oil.


A truly late-game mineral, found most commonly in high-level areas. You can find large amounts of Orichalcum on the west side of Ebonscale Reach and across Shattered Mountain.

A map showing the location of Orichalcum.


If you're looking for this shiny metal, for killer jewellery or otherwise, you can come across vast amounts in high-level zones like Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach and Shattered Mountain.

A map showing the location of platinum.


If you're looking to make some ammunition, you'll need saltpeter. It can be found across the majority of the map, but is best found in central Weaver's Fen and Windsward.

A map showing the location of saltpeter.


Another valuable metal, best found across low-mid level regions. If you're looking to farm it efficiently, head to eastern Cutlass Keys or central Windsward for ample amounts.

A map showing the location of silver.


An out-of-this-world mineral used in higher level crating, starmetal can be found often across Great Cleave and central Morningdale.

A map showing the location of starmetal.

With all the minerals in New World mapped out, you should have little issue finding valuable natural treasure in the rocky environments across New World. If you're looking for some extra help in farming these minerals, read our Profession perks guide which features extra bonuses that'll make mining them quicker and more lucrative. If you want to find like minded crafters like yourself, our guide on starting a company can get you started!