New World: Every Animal Location

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A wolf sitting in a gloomy graveyard.

If you're looking to get into skinning or cooking, you'll need to track down a myriad of different animals across Aeternum. Believe it or not, New World is filled with a fairly wide variety of different fauna, ranging from the humble turkey to the fearsome bear. But the land is vast, and not all animals can be found mulling about in certain regions, so where can you find the beasts you're looking for?

To answer that question, we've written this guide showing all the animal locations in New World. With each animal paired with a detailed map of Aeternum covered with their spawn locations, you should have no issue finding every animal in the game for your crafting needs.


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For this guide, we used Map Genie's excellent New World Aeternum map


If you're not afraid of facing down the sharp teeth of these predators, you can find alligators across multiple zones near bodies of both freshwater and saltwater. The best zones are the shores of Cutlass Keys, or across the whole coast of Weaver's Fen.

A map showing the location of aligators.


Taking on a bear is a grisly task, but if you're up for the challenge you can track down these animals across Brightwood, Monarch's Bluff, or Ebonscale Reach.

A map showing the location of bear.


Bisons are a rare animal found in only a few spots across Aeternum. If you fancy taking some down, you can find them in Edengrove, the south of Ebonscale Reach, and the west of Windsward.

A map showing the location of bison.


Boars are one of the more common animals in New World. You can find them all over the place, but they are saturated around Edengrove and Monarch's Bluff.

A map showing the location of boar.


Bobcats are one of the more rarer species found in Aeternum, but you can come across them occasionally in the north of Cutlass Keys, or the south of Ebonscale Reach.

A map showing the location of bobcats.


There's only one place to get cow milk in New World... You guessed it, it's from cows! You can find these farmyard animals across settlements in places like Monarch's Bluff and Blightwood.

A map showing the locations of cows.


If it's game you're looking for, elk is a prize catch you can find plenty of in certain areas. Travel to Monarch's Bluff, all of Blightwood, or the north of Weaver's Fen to get your hands on this animal.

A map showing the locations of elks.


Goats are an important animal in New World, and you can find them across Reekwater, and throughout Great Cleave.

A map showing the locations of goats.


Lions are a dangerous animal, who're likely to take you out if you're not careful! If you want to hunt these kings of the animal kingdom regardless, you can find them in Edengrove, Brightwood, and the south of Cutlass Keys.


Lynx's are sneaky things, but if you're keeping an eye out for them, you can track them down across Edengrove and across the border of Everfall and Windsward.


The fanciest of the animals found in New World, Peacocks can be found across the entirety of Ebonscale Reach.



You can find pigs across Monarch's Bluff, the centre of Cutlass Keys, and the centre of Weaver's Fen where they hopefully won't be in charge of any farms.


Be very very quiet, we're hunting rabbit. Where, you ask? The best spot is across Everfall where they're all over the place.


Sheep can be found in a number of spots in large numbers, usually around settlements where they're safe from wilder animals. Monarch's Bluff, Everfall, and Edengrove is the place to be for sheep.



There's no shortage of turkey in Aeternum, and they can be found in large numbers across multiple zones. These include Monarch's Bluff, Weaver's Fen, and all across Edengrove.

Water Fowl

Chickens of the water! Water fowl are a fun animal that call Reekwater their home. They're found, as you'd expect, by the water.


Wolves are by far the most common animal you'll find across the many regions that make up Aeterum. The best places to find wolves are in Everfall and Brightwood, but honestly, you can find them almost everywhere.


With this information and map combo, you should have no issues whatsoever finding every animal you need in New World. If you're looking for more guides on the professions that revolve around these creatures, check out our profession perks guide. If reading about all these exotic animals makes you think of high-quality bags (you monster), you can read our bags and trinkets guide too!