New World: Everything You Need To Know About Trinkets and Bags

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A menu showing a bag, ring, necklace, and earring.

You might think that all you need to brave the wilderness of New World is a sword by your side and stacks of armour strapped all over, but you couldn't be more wrong. Behind every successful adventurer are trinkets - important sources of crucial stats - and a collection of bags that help bear the weight of the world (and your gear, of course).

This guide will cover the basics of trinkets, what different trinkets are there, what they do, and when you can use them. It'll also go over bags, and their importance to your progression through the game.


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What Are Trinkets?

Trinkets are broken into three distinct pieces of equipment: necklaces, rings, and earrings. Each take up a dedicated slot on your character, and provides gear score, valuable sub-stats and perks that improve your character's performance in combat or professions.

Here are the levels that grant you access to certain trinket slots:

  • Necklaces: level 1
  • Rings: Level 20
  • Earrings: Level 40

Trinkets all come with a pre-socketed gem that cannot be removed and replaced with another gem. These gems provide a passive boost to your character that is important when trying to make your character as strong as possible, so finding the right trinket for your build will be a major goal as you level through New World.

One profession that can help you in that regard is Jewelcrafting. This crafting profession allows you (or other players, if you don't mind paying for a custom-made trinket) to create the exact trinket you'll need - granted you have the necessary materials.


A screenshot of the bags and trinkets menu in New World

What Are Bags?

Bags are specialized equipment that allow you to carry more weight as you travel around Aeternum. They, like trinkets, come with their own three dedicated equipment slots that you unlock as you progress through the game. These can also provide important bonuses and boons, usually making certain items weigh less, to help players looking to carry a large quantity of a specific resource (like gathering materials and weapons).

While you start with a weight limit and bag space from level one, you unlock the ability to use additional bags at later levels. These are:

  • Bag slot 1: Level 10
  • Bag slot 2: Level 30
  • Bag Slot 3: Level 45

Bags can be found from a variety of sources, including dropping from slain enemies or chests found around the world, but they can also be earned from quests and crafted by armourers at outfitting stations. If you're looking to make a bit of money, bags are useful to everyone in New World, so making a bunch of specialized bags is a good way of making some quick cash.


With that, we've covered the purpose both bags and trinkets fill in New World! This guide, paired with our armour and weapons guides should give you a complete understanding of everything you can equip to your character. Now get out there and get some jewellery!