New World Guide: All Fungi and Where To Find Them

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Man harvesting exotic mushrooms in a forest.

If you're looking to do some harvesting or alchemy in New World, sooner or later you'll have to enter the wild world of fungi. Don't be fooled, there's more to these mushrooms than you might assume, and a vast variety of exotic species found across Aeternum for you to track down.

Luckily for you, we've created this guide to all the different types of mystical mushroom in the game, alongside areas where you can best find them. With this guide, you'll have all the necessary info to go from a humble harvester to a mighty mycologist.


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For this guide, we used Map Genie's excellent New World Aeternum map

Bumble Blossom

First we have Bumble blossom, found primarily all across Weaver's Fen. A route across the top of the region walking west to east, then walking south west through the centre of the zone would make a good farming route.

A map showing the location of Bumbleblossom


Gillflower is found across Great Cleave. Since the region is largely rocky, you can find them alongside the paths. There are also big bunches at the south and North of the central road going up through the zone.

A map showing the location of Gillflower.

Capped Tanglewisp

Capped Tanglewisp is found only in Edengrove, but for the best farming route do a full circle around the water at the centre of the region. If you refer to the map below, you can see a natural path form. You can also find large bunches in pockets at the top of the zone too if you want to mix it up a little.

A map showing the location of Capped Tanglewisp.

Corrupted Bloodspore

This is the big endgame fungus found only in Shattered Mountain. It's found primarily in the centre and east of the region, so we recommend walking a path from the bottom of the zone, up through the middle and heading right before you reach the buildings at the foot of the mountain. You can then walk straight to the easternmost point of the map.

A map showing the location of Corrupted Bloodspore.

Fronded Petalcap

This fungi is found all over Windsward, so you can largely wander around the zone and find it present wherever you go. However, it's found aplenty along the southern border and around the settlement, so it might be worth focusing there for efficient farming spots.

A map showing the location of Fronded Petalcap.

Slimy Twistcap

Don't shy away just because of the gross name, Slimy Twistcaps are absolutely worth grabbing. They can be found in Brightwood, and if there's an nice path across the northern part of the map you can walk across for a nice farming route.

A map showing the location of Slimy Twistcap.


Spinecaps are found across Restless Shore, and are present on practically every one of the small islands on the coast. However, those looking to find an abundance of these fungi should still to the larger islands, walking across the zone from north to south.

A map showing the location of Spinecap.


One of the more elusive entries, Suncreeper are only found in Everfall. You can find them in groups in the centre and north of the zone. Those farming this fungi should either pick a spot to farm them, or travel from patch to patch.

A map showing the location of Suncreeper.


Tanglewisp are found in First Light, at the both the top and bottom of the region. The northern part has the most of this fungi available, especially the northwestern corner of the zone, so farmers should head there.


Tendrilspine is found only in Cutlass Keys across the entire region. However, if a large amount is what you want, you can find it around the southern-most island at the bottom of the region.


Toadpots are exclusively found across Mourningdale. While you can find them all over the region, they are mostly found along the western border of the region. Stay there and away from the coast and you should find plenty.


Twisted Tubecap

Twisted Tubecap are found across reekwater, largely alongside roads and paths. As such, if you travel anywhere in the region you'll find a decent amount. Just be sure to stay away from the coastline on the south.

Void Pitcher

Void pitcher calls Ebonscale Reach its home, you can find them individually across the whole zone as you'd expect, but they're most saturated across the east side a little bit off the beaten path. We recommend walking up the eastern border before walking back south through the centre of the zone - just don't go further west than the rocky areas!

Warm Platecap

Warm Platecaps are found in Monarch's Bluffs, so you'll see them early in your levelling experience. They're found in the woods, not the beaches. As such, still to the east of the zone and away from the settlement and island on the coast.


Now you're an expert on tracking down the fungi in New World, head out and collect your rewards hidden across Aeternum for your crafting (or money making) needs! If you'd like to do some mining while you're at it, check out our minerals guide. Alternatively, if hunting for animals is more your thing, we've got an animal guide too!