MultiVersus - How To Toast

Jake in Multiversus
July 27, 2022: The Open Beta has arrived and with that comes tonnes of character to toast

Warner Brothers' free-to-play brawler is in its beta phases, and many of us have got access. It's good to know what you're doing before you play, so here's how to toast in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus lets you choose from a roster of characters to play as, and you can unlock more through playing the game and paying to get past some locked content. There's a battle pass, and other options to net you more stuff in the game on top of the fighters.

If you're interested in MultiVersus, check out our tier list to see who's the best to play as, and how to unlock more characters. And if you can't quite place the voice you hear, check the list of voice actors involved in the game!

How To Toast In MultiVersus

As a multiplayer game, interacting with fellow players is a key part of MultiVersus. One way to show your teammates, or even your opposition, some love is to Toast them.

So how do you do it? Sending your respects to others is easy. You'll need to purchase the items in the Collections menu in exchange for Gold, or you can earn them in both Battle Pass options.

You can toast players that are on your team, or players you are facing. Once the match is done, you'll be on the post-game stats screen admiring how you did. This is where you can Toast. Your available Toasts will be shown in the top right corner.

multiversus toast
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Each players' banner will have an option above it that says 'Give Toast'. Click this, and you'll be toasting them! This same screen will display any Toasts that you have received.

When you receive or give a Toast, it will turn into 25 Gold. Though not a huge amount, it can add up nicely to help you afford the next character unlock. After the toast has been given, a notification will pop allowing players to easily toast immediately back, to return the favour.

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