Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth Nearly Appeared In Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat director Ed Boon has revealed that on several occasions, Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth could've been a fighter in Mortal Kombat.

With recent talk of a live-action Twisted Metal TV series - one which recently cast Anthony Mackie as John Doe - Boon made the announcement via Twitter. Sharing a photo of him and David Jaffe from 12 years ago, they discussed the possibility of Midway Games making a Twisted Metal arcade game.

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Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth Nearly Appeared In Mortal Kombat

Following on from that, Boon then confirmed that Sweet Tooth could've been in Mortal Kombat a few times, stating:

Sweet Tooth has also (more than once) been DAMN close to being a guest fighter in MK games.

As for why that fell through, Boon sadly didn't go into further detail, but it's an interesting insight into what could've been. With rumours circulating about a new Twisted Metal game coming in 2023, maybe we'll see a renewed attempt in the next couple of years. As always, we'll keep you informed with any new developments.

Source: TheGamer

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