New Twisted Metal Game Could be in Development

A new Twisted Metal game could be coming soon as a loose tie-in with the Twisted Metal TV series, VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb says (thanks Video Games Chronicle), and VGC said that rumor tallies with their sources as well.

Grubb said he believes David Jaffe is not involved in the project and that the move is part of Sony's "broadening" of its business strategy, a strategy that includes its PlayStation Productions film studio and other projects said to be in the works, such as a Final Fantasy XIV TV series.

And it's no wonder, what with the likes of Netflix's Castlevania generating so much interest, the creators even had a spin-off series greenlit.

"It does seem like [Sony] is potentially greenlighting games to coincide with their attempts to release movies and television shows based on these properties," Grubb said.

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New Twisted Metal Game Could be in Development

He continued:

It seems that they are going to try to line these things up with games at the same time, and the thinking there is one, they looked at [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] and they want to have MCU-like success, and I think there’s a thought inside of Sony that, ‘hey, we make movies, why aren’t we capitalizing on that.

The Deadpool writers are currently leading production on the Twisted Metal TV show. Variety reported the series follows a "motormouthed outsider" who has a better life in reach, but only if he can deliver a mysterious package to the other side of the country - and survive.

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