Here's Our Dream Final Fantasy 9 Animated Series Cast

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Who is the Final Fantasy 9 animated series cast?

That’s the question on many minds following Square Enix and Cyber Group Studios’ announcement that a FF9 series aimed at a younger audience is entering production soon.


It’s a big cast full of opportunities for a variety of talent, and unlike some Final Fantasy games, almost every character gets their time to shine.

We can’t wait for an official cast announcement or trailer, but we’re using our time until then wisely — by dreaming up our ideal Final Fantasy 9 animated series cast.

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Here's Our Dream Final Fantasy 9 Animated Series Cast

Zidane: Nabhaan Rizwan

Loveable rogue Zidane has to carry the show, which means the right combination of street charm, compassion, and heroics.

The rising star Nabhaan Rizwan more than proved himself in Informer and 1917 and looks set to add another nuanced role to his portfolio in The Last Letter from Your Lover.

His status as rising star is a good complement to Zidane as well.

The thief is supposed to be unknown in Alexandria and the wider world, so saddling the character with a recognizable voice would spoil the effect.

Garnet/Dagger: Julia Garner

Maybe putting Julia Garner as Princess Garnett-turned-Dagger is type casting, but there’s no denying she’d be a solid fit for the rebellious royal.

Her performance as Ruth shows beyond doubt the smart-and-curious daughter role is almost second nature to Garner, something that would transfer naturally to the AWOL Alexandrian heir.

Steiner: Colin Firth

Steiner is a bit of a stuffed shirt, though his heart’s in the right place.


He’s loyal and easily flustered, especially when Garnett steps out of line, but always polite and diffident. Colin Firth has the skill to bring out Steiner’s comedic nature without turning him into a stooge and overlooking what makes him so loveable.

Freya: Ana De Armas

Freya is a complex character, and that immediately makes us think Ana De Armas.

Part vulnerable friend and part determined warrior, Freya needs a subtle performance from a nuanced actor. De Armas showed she’s capable of all those in Knives Out alone.

Beatrix: Cate Blanchett

General Beatrix is cool, determined, and ruthless when she needs to be.

While plenty of actresses could easily make this role their own, there’s a steeliness in Cate Blanchett’s delivery — even when she’s playing the ethereal Galadriel — that makes us think she’d be perfect as the conflicted Alexandrian warrior.


Queen Brahne: Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter has an impressive character repertoire, but let’s face it.

Whether it’s the callous Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd or the murderous Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, she does unhinged very well. That’s exactly the kind of energy the warmongering Queen Brahne needs.

Kuja: Jason Isaacs

Kuja is “what if Kefka, but Sephiroth,” and it’s difficult to imagine an actor better suited to that role than Jason Isaacs.

Sure, he’s often typecast as villains, but for good reason. Isaacs manifests quiet menace like few others, which adds even more substance to his performances once his characters go off the rails. That’s Kuja to a T.

Quina Quen: Seth Rogen

Quina is an enigma, both goofy and profound at the same time.


Rogen might be known for his comedy, but he's surprisingly good at drama as well. It's the kind of duality and openness to the ridiculous that will give Quina the depth they deserve.

Amarant: Henry Cavill

Amarant isn’t a stoic meathead in Final Fantasy 9. Well, not just a stoic meathead. He’s also proud, arrogant, and reflective.

Henry Cavill might be most recognizable now after his stint as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation, but he’s familiar enough with playing the haughty quiet types thanks to numerous character roles in shows such as The Tudors and even Midsomer Murders.

Eiko: Bella Ramsey

From Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones and Angelica in His Dark Materials, to Ellie in the upcoming Last of Us HBO adaptation, Bella Ramsey is no stranger to playing precocious, spunky kids, and she’s a perfect fit for Eiko Carol.

Eiko is the heir to a great power and a dying village and hides her fear and sadness under a haughty demeanor — when she’s not trying to make Zidane fall in love with her.


Vivi Ornitier: New Talent

We think Vivi should be a new talent. Zidane and Garnet aside, he’s the soul of the story — for reasons we won’t spoil in case you haven’t played the game. The mage-in-training’s naive outlook on life, his innocence and general uncertainty almost require a raw performance from a new actor.