Monster Hunter Rise: Tobi-Kadachi Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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Sleek, dangerous and suffused with electricity, the Tobi-Kadachi is a powerful enemy in Monster Hunter Rise who can overwhelm players with powerful lightning attacks. Fortunately we’ve laid out Tobi-Kadachi’s weaknesses below, along with the best strategy on how to beat it.

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How to Beat Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter Rise you need to learn how to fight an agile, unpredictable foe. Tobi is essentially a massive weasel that can generate electricity, and its movements tend to have it slink and leap about the battlefield, similar to the Mizutsune.

Tobi-Kadachi Weaknesses

Tobi-Kadachi has several weaknesses players can make use of when fighting it, and considering it doesn’t have a huge amount of health, that’s an even bigger difference. The main problem is landing the attacks, but we’ll discuss that momentarily. For now, here’s what attacks you should be using on Tobi.

  • Water (3)
  • Fire (2)
  • Ice (1)

Tobi-Kadachi Strategy and Tips

Tobi-Kadachi isn’t usually a long fight, because this monster tends to be a glass cannon - not a lot of health, but doing devastating damage with some of his attacks that can kill in one or two hits. Either way, it won’t take long.

  • Tobi-Kadachi is completely immune to Thunder attacks, and resistant to Dragon damage. Don’t use either if you can help it.
  • As mentioned, all of Tobi’s attacks are Thunder-based, inflicting the Thunderblight affliction. Wear armour that can tank Thunder attacks, and bring Nullberries to counter the blight.
  • Tobi leaps around fast, often making lunges forward or trying to tackle the player from behind. Most of its standard attacks can be dodged by sidestepping or wirebugging to the side.
  • Tobi will also sometimes leap straight up with gliding wings like a flying squirrel. Run to where it was when it leapt - the jump tends to carry it forward, so going behind it is your best chance.
  • At times Tobi will roar with its head upright. An attack nearly always follows, usually a spin move with a short range, but one that goes in all directions. Back away!
  • Tobi will roar and crackle with lightning every now and then. This is essentially charging up itself, and these stack until it supercharges. When this happens, it roars even louder and its whole body begins to spark continuously, adding extra Thunder damage to its attacks.
  • This lasts for a minute or so, or until it’s toppled over by attacking the legs and tail. During this time, it’s also much more aggressive and fast moving, trying to bowl over the player. Focus on caution and defence to compensate if you’re not used to this - if your weapon has a counterattack move, have your fingers resting on these buttons.

Tobi-Kadachi Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Tobi-Kadachi’s parts are usually put towards smaller melee weapons with Thunder and Affinity buffs, such as the Kadachi Twinblades or Spark Slicer, solid mid-game options for players who use these kinds of weapons. It’s also used in a variety of mid-to-late-game armour sets, usually those that involve Thunder resistance. The special Kadachi set is all about boosting manoeuvrability and affinity in the battlefield, as well as putting some extra sparks on the weapons you’re holding.

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