Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get the Deepest Night Long Sword

The Deepest Night is one of the most powerful Long Sword weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, capable of doing massive damage in both attack and Wyvern Riding. We’ll show you how to unlock and forge the Deepest Night Long Sword here, as well as how you can best use it in combat!

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How to Get the Deepest Night Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Deepest Night Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to follow the right upgrade path back at Kamura Village, based around the dangerous Nargacuga monster. Below we’ll cover the basics - the upgrade path, the materials you’ll need, and what advantages it offers you as a hunter.

How to Unlock the Deepest Night

To unlock the Deepest Night, you need to slay the Nargacuga boss, which we’ve outlined how to do here. Be warned in advance, it’s a powerful enemy, and you’ll likely need to kill it a few more times just to get all the necessary materials. You’ll also need to get a variety of ore and a couple of other materials from monsters for the full upgrade path. It’s also Rarity 6, so if you can’t forge at that level yet, you’ll need to come back later.

How to Forge/Upgrade the Deepest Night

Once you have all the materials and the knowledge of how to forge it, head to the Kamura blacksmith. You’re going to have to take the following path to get the Deepest Night:

  • Forge the Iron Katana I
    • Iron Ore (3)
  • Upgrade to the Iron Katana II
    • Iron Ore (4)
    • Icium (2)
  • Upgrade to the Iron Gospel
    • Dragonite Ore (4)
    • Ore x10 pts
  • Upgrade to the Hidden Saber I
    • Nargacuga Cutwing (4)
    • Nargacuga Blackfur (2)
    • Nargacuga Tailspike (2)
    • Malachite Ore (5)
  • Upgrade to the Hidden Saber II
    • Nargacuga Razor (4)
    • Nargacuga Pelt+ (5)
    • Nargacuga Marrow (1)
    • Rachnoid Silk+ (1)
  • Upgrade to the Deepest Night
    • Rakna-Kadaki Spike (2)
    • Nargacuga Fang+ (3)
    • Narga Medulla (1)

It’s a long path, but eventually you’ll have the Deepest Night, one of the most powerful weapons and certainly one of the most powerful Long Swords in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Deepest Night Sword Forge
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Deepest Night Stats and Effect

  • Attack: 180
  • Sharpness: White (maximum)
  • Affinity: 40%
  • Elemental Effect: None
  • Rampage Slots: 1
  • Rampage Skills: Attack Boost III (increase attack power by +8), Attack Boost II (increase attack power by +6), Master Rider (increase the damage for Wyvern Riding and Wyvern Rider Tamer)

How to Use the Deepest Night

The Deepest Night is one of the game’s best weapons, partly because it focuses on raw damage output and Affinity over elemental aspects. Most monsters won’t be resistant to it, and while they won’t have a weakness to it either, that hardly matters with this level of Affinity and Sharpness. You shouldn’t use it in every fight, not if you’re perfectly set up to exploit a monster’s vulnerabilities, but if you’re ever uncertain or don’t have the perfect gear, this will always be a viable option, because it can just do so much damage.

Now put this legendary weapon to good use, and find prey worthy of it! Find out how to master beating the Magnamalo here, or how to beat the iconic Rathalos here.

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