Monster Hunter Rise: Nargacuga Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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Nargacuga is one of the stealthiest monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, a creeping predator who uses ambush attacks to inflict massive damage. We’ll show you Nargacuga’s weaknesses, the best strategy and how to beat it for massive rewards.

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How to Beat Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to prepare for its hugely powerful attacks, great speed and manoeuvrability. However, it does have some exploitable flaws and weaknesses to make use of, which we’ll talk about now.

Nargacuga Weaknesses

Nargacuga has two weaknesses - Thunder damage, and to a lesser extent, fire. It’s also slightly weak to Dragon attacks, though not to any great degree. It also has a specific vulnerability to Sonic Bombs. Throw one at it, and it will pause in place for a moment as it tries to regain its composure.


Nargacuga Tips and Strategy

Now you have some basic info on what’ll hurt it, you need to put that into practice. Here’s the best tips and strategy to beat Nargacuga.

  • Nargacuga doesn’t use any elemental damage, so you won’t need to worry about building armour accordingly.
  • However, Nargacuga is resistant to Water and Ice damage, so don’t go in using these kinds of moves if you can avoid it.
  • Nargacuga tends to pick a target and lunge towards them for massive damage. This attack has a surprising range to it too - if you see it hunker down as though about to leap, strafe to the side or Wirebug up. You probably can’t back away in time.
  • Stay agile! All these attacks are incredibly high damage, so your best bet is not to get hit rather than tanking through them.
  • Nargacuga also inflicts serious stun effects with its attacks. Stun resistance isn’t vital, but it could make a difference.
  • When enraged, it’ll speed up and its eyes will glow red. If this happens, go full-defense and just focus on avoiding the attacks above all else.
  • Whatever happens, keep an eye on the tail. It has a nasty habit of whipping around when you least expect it. If you see it raise up or coil around, it's probably about to come at you.

Nargacuga Rewards

The Nargacuga drops a variety of pelts, scales and materials designed to be used in forging melee weapons. Like the Nargacuga, these tend to be focused on raw damage over any additional elements or effects, and can be excellent default choices if you don’t know what else to use. You can also use it to make a whole range of armour sets, most notably the Nargacuga armour, which focuses on evasion and landing critical hits.

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