Monster Hunter Rise: Mizutsune Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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Mizutsune is one of the Monster Hunter Rise’s trickier bosses, using agility and water powers to get the better of players. In this guide we’ll outline Mizutsune’s weaknesses, the best strategy and how to beat it as easily as possible, not to mention all the armour and weapons you can craft from its parts.

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How to Beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise you have to go in with a clear idea of its behaviour, strategy and weaknesses, and plan your own strategy to compensate for all of these. Here we’ll show you how to take it down, starting with its specific weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Mizutsune Weaknesses

Mizutsune has three weaknesses to make use of, each of which will do additional damage when applied correctly. It’s also more vulnerable to the status effects inflicted by each one, giving you more of a chance to put damaging ailments on Mizutsune.

  • Thunder (3)
  • Dragon (2)
  • Ice (1)

Mizutsune Strategy and Tips

Mizutsune is a tricky boss who slinks and thrashes around the battlefield while trying to inflict Waterblight. Here’s some basic tips and tricks on how to deal with it.

  • Though you’ve got three weaknesses to pick from, Mizutsune is resistant to Fire and immune to Water damage, so don’t use those moves you can avoid it!
  • Mizutsune’s attacks are all Water-based, so armour that’ll bounce that away is your best option.
  • More specifically, its attacks can inflict Waterblight, a status ailment that heavily reduces the speed at which your Stamina recharges. A Nullbery or repeated wiredashing will cure this. Alternatively, just keep dodging until it wears off on its own.
  • Mizutsune frequently dives around and slides across the ground, giving it unpredictable attack patterns that move fast. Always have a wirebug ready to dodge, and if you’re ever uncertain, dodge to the sides, not backwards or up. Most attacks Mizutsune tries have long reach.
  • Mizutsune also generates huge bubbles that fly outwards from it, usually by spinning in a circle or spitting them out. They don’t do a huge amount of damage, but do inflict a different ailment known as Bubbleblight.
  • Bubbleblight is odd, because it comes in two stages. The first time you’re hit, it actually provides a buff, giving you better evasion and reduced stamina use. However, if you’re hit with Bubbleblight again, you suddenly become slippery and hard to control, making it very easy to be hit. Both phases can be undone by taking damage or using a Cleanser item.

Mizutsune Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Mizutsune’s parts usually go towards melee weapons that focus on Water damage and Affinity, designed to boost the odds of elemental crits against whatever you’re fighting. Its parts also go towards crafting a variety of Water-resistant armour sets, but its own Mizutsune set is focused on ramping up Water damage, reducing the chance of being hit by Bubbleblight, and increasing the chance that consumables aren’t used up when you eat them. You can literally have your cake and eat it too.

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