Monster Hunter Rise Petalaces: What Are They and How To Get Them

In MonsterHunterRise you'll want to get as many items together to aid you in your battles. Whether that be weapons, armour or more. The most recent title has brought plenty of new items and features to the game, including Petalaces. If you're unsure of what they are and how to get them then you can find out below.

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What Are Petalaces?

Petalaces are like armour in the form of a bracelet within Monster Hunter Rise, they are made out of the Sending Sprig plant. Petalaces can be equipped for a number of different effects, the main being that they will gather pollen from Spiribirds, which in turn with keep permabuffs active for the player. There different varieties of Petalaces, each giving the user different buffs, here are the ones currently available:

  • Hunting Petalace - A bracelet that gives a balanced increase to stats
  • Strength Petalace - A bracelet that boosts health and stamina considerably
  • Fortitude Petalace - A bracelet that boosts defence and stamina
  • Demon Petalace - A bracelet that boosts attack stats

How to Upgrade Petalaces

To upgrade a Petalace you'll need to complete the 4-star hub quest named Apex Arzuros. Once you've done that speak with Fugen the Elder and you will get better versions of the Petalaces.

How To Get Petalaces

You can get Petalaces through progression in Monster Hunter Rise. Hinoa will gift you a few effects at the start of your playthrough and Fugen will provide them as time goes on.

Equipping Petalaces

To equip and change which Petalace you are using, head to an item box and enter the Manage Equipment section. Here are some locations with item boxes:

  • Your Room
  • Buddy Plaza
  • Training Area
  • Gathering Hub
  • Hub Prep Area
  • Village near Hinoa
  • Inside Camp Tent

If you still need a helping hand with some aspects of Monster Hunter Rise then check out our walkthrough guide here. Like many others, you may be unsure of which support style Palico to go with, read our article to come to a decision!

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