Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get the Apex Venom Spike

The Apex Venom Spike is one of the most difficult materials to get in Monster Hunter Rise, a poison-infused hair that only comes from one of the game’s most deadly monsters. We’ll show you how to get the Apex Venom Spike, as well as what you can use it for in the game.

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How to Get the Apex Venom Spike in Monster Hunter Rise

You can get the Apex Venom Spike in Monster Hunter Rise by hunting the Apex Rathian. It’s simply a stronger, tougher version of the Rathian monster, which we’ve already outlined how to beat here.

You can encounter the Apex Rathian in the final stages of the game by going into high level Rampages, usually of around Rank 7. Check before going in to see what monsters are in the Rampage, and if the leader is an Apex Rathian. Killing it and completing the Rampage should net you the Spike - by all accounts it seems to be a very high-chance reward.

Apex Venom Spike Uses and Recipes

The Apex Venom Spike is used for crafting the second-phase “Rampage” variants of most weapons, which focus simply on high damage and decent sharpness when compared to most weapons. If you just wanted a basic, high-tier version of any weapon that won’t struggle against resistances, this could be an excellent choice.

There’s many dangerous monsters out there that need hunting. Why not check out how to beat the legendary Thunder Serpent Narwa, or how to find the rare Fulgurbug?

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