Monster Hunter Rise Rathian: Weaknesses, Ailments and Tips on Defeating It

The Rathian is thrown at you pretty early on in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a seriously difficult fight involving fire and poison. It’s likely the first real challenge you’ll face in terms of monsters, so we’ve put together this guide on defeating the Rathian. We’ll detail its weaknesses, ailments and the parts you’ll get from it. Let’s get hunting!

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Monster Hunter Rise Rathian Weaknesses

The Rathian’s main weakness is dragon. Thunder is a close second, so head in with this in mind. In terms of weak parts you will want to aim for the head. Tail, wings, legs and neck also take decent damage. The Torso and back are fairly tough, so aim elsewhere if you can.


Rathian is strong to most ailments. Thunderblight can be inflicted as a medium-rate affliction, so thunder is absolutely the way to go.Total damage here is pretty low, so ailments don’t play as much into this fight as for other monsters. Keep your weapon sharp to avoid attacks bouncing off of the back.

The Hunter Notes screen in Monster Hunter Rise showing the physiology of the Rathian
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Here are all of the parts that can be obtained from the Rathian at low rank. We’ll add high rank parts once we’ve unlocked them.

Best Weapons and Armour to Fight the Rathian With

There are a few different weapons and armour types that will be extremely advantageous against the Rathian. We’ve listed them below:

  • Weapons - Zinogre Tree, Bone Scythe, Death Stench (dragon)
  • Armour - Izuchi, Aknosom, Edel (poison resist)


  • The main thing to keep in mind when fighting the Rathian is to avoid its tail attacks. It will poison you if you get hit
  • Aim for the head
  • The Rathian has swipe attacks that are easily countered
  • Bring Antidotes to negate poison effects
  • Cutting its tail will be a huge advantage for the rest of the fight
  • Try to stay out of the air if possible, it can knock you out pretty easily
  • Use thunder items to inflict Thunderblight

That’s all you need to know about hunting the Rathian in Monster Hunter Rise. For more tips visit our MH Rise Walkthrough Hub. Once you’re done there be sure to check out our guide on finding Uroktor Scales.

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