Monster Hunter Rise Carbalite Ore: Where To Find and How To Use It

Monster Hunter Rise is all about exploring and discovering new abilities, monsters and more. Like many other games you can even go mining and doing so will rewards you with ores, these can then be used to create items that will help you along in your journey. Let's find out all we need to know about Carbalite Ore.

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Where To Find Carbalite Ore

You can usually find Carbalite Ore on most of the maps, depending on the rank of the mining jobs, usually, it can be found in high ranking jobs. The most common spawn place for this ore is in the Sandy Plains, this is due to the area being full of ore nodes. Carbalite Ore can also be found within normal nodes in lava and snow. Just load up a High Rank Expedition Tour in the Sandy Plains and mine any ore outcrops that you find.

How To Use Carbalite Ore

Below you can find a list of the weapons and armour that can be created using Carbalite Ore:


  • Arzuros' Honeypot
  • Bolt Chamber I
  • Cat's Soul I
  • Colossal Axeblade
  • Crystalline Flower II
  • Daybreak Cleaver
  • Daybreak Glaive
  • Elite Blade II
  • Felyne Bowgun I
  • Giga Grips III
  • Hunter's Stoutbow II
  • Imperial Sword
  • Iron Bayonet II
  • K. Captain's Blade I
  • Kamakura Glaive V
  • Kamura C. Blade V
  • Kamura Cleaver V
  • Kamura H. Bowgun V
  • Kamura Iron Bow V
  • Meteor Bazooka II
  • Meteor Cannon
  • Tigrex Howl II
  • Wind Thief Crossbow III


  • Aknosom Mail S
  • Alloy Greaves S
  • Alloy Helm S
  • Alloy Mail S
  • Alloy Vambraces S
  • Baggi Helm S
  • Basarios Mail S
  • Chainmail Belt S
  • Chainmail Gloves S
  • Chainmail Headgear S
  • Chainmail Pants S
  • Chainmail Vest S
  • Hunter's Helm S
  • Hunter's Vambraces S
  • Kamura Braces S
  • Kamura Garb S
  • Kamura Head Scarf S
  • Kamura Leggings S
  • Kamura Obi S
  • Khezu Mail S
  • Khezu Vambraces S
  • Pukei-Pukei
  • Rathian Coil S
  • Rhenoplos Coil S
  • Rhenoplos Greaves S
  • Rhenoplos Helm S
  • Tetranadon Braces S
  • Volvidon Coil S
  • Wroggi Helm S
  • Wroggi Vambraces S

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