Monster Hunter Rise Lance: Tips, Controls, Combos and Silkbind Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise offers 14 different weapons to hunt its slate of monsters with. Each has a slightly different playstyle, offering real depth and variety in the ways you approach a hunt. The Lance is a highly defensive weapon, which when paired with a sturdy shield can withstand fierce attacks while preserving mobility when guarding. If you prefer to counterattack with sharp combos, this is the weapon for you.

To help you get the most out of this weapon we’ve put together this Monster Hunter Rise Lance guide. We’ll give you some tips on using the lance, break down those all-important controls you have to master, highlight some choice combos to execute, and walkthrough the new Silkbind attacks available too.

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The Lance might be one of the games more defensive weapons thanks to the extra security that comes from having a shield, but it does come in handy for counterattacks and keeping foes at a distance. Here are the controls:

  • A - High Thrust
  • X - Mid Thrust
  • Y - Sheathe
  • B - Dodge
  • A + X - Wide Sweep
  • ZR - Guard
  • ZR + left (d-pad) + A - Guard Dash
  • ZR + X + A - Dash Attack
  • ZR + A - Counter-thrust
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The best way to ensure maximum damage in Monster Hunter Rise is to string together combos. Here are all of the combos associated with the Lance.

Basic Thrust Triple Combo

  • X + X + X + B

Closing Attacks while Guarding

  • ZR + left (d-pad) + X to A + X + X

Endless Thrusting Combo

  • ZR + A + A + A to ZR + A
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  • The lance may not be as instantly appealing as other weapons in Monster Hunter: Rise, but its solid range and ability to pair with a shield make it quite unique.
  • The lance allows your hunter to stay in and around the monster (and sometimes, under it) and dealing damage consistently, rather than ranged weapons that keep you too far away and other melee options that require near-constant dodging.
  • As for the shield, use the guard to prep for a counterattack when possible. Take your hits, and then batter back the enemy when the moment arises. If a monster sneaks around your guard, be prepared to use a silkbind dash to reposition.
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Silkbind Attacks

New to Monster Hunter Rise are Silkbind attacks. These will consume Wirebugs, and will deal damage indicated with blue circles. Build these up to tie down monsters and trigger mountable states.

Here are the Silkbind attacks for the Lance:

  • ZL + X - Twin Vine (Kunai Jab)
  • ZL + B - Twin Vine (Launch while guarding)
  • ZL + A - Anchor Rage
  • ZL + A - Spiral Thrust

Now here's a bit more info on how each works:

  • Twin Vine - This silkbind attack will attach the hunter to the monster via a kunai. When you're connected to the target you can then launch yourself forward to help close the gap between yourself and the monster.
  • Anchor Rage - This should increase your attack damage after successfully absorbing an attack when your shield is up. The attack increase will vary greatly depending on the strength of the attack received.
  • Spiral Thrust - If you'd rather, you can swap this Silkbind out for Anchor Rage. This is very useful to help counterattack the enemy. Players will use the shield to parry before hurtling forwards with the wirebug. 

That's all you need to know about this weapon. Visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough to find all of our guides in one handy place. For a look at what's coming to the game in 2021, head here.

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