Modern Warfare's C4 Keeps Inadvertently Blowing Players Up

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Modern Warfare Season 6 is here, but fans are having a tough time adjusting to one key change - the C4 explosive.

The remotely-triggered item has been causing Modern Warfare and Warzone players no end of grief after some sizeable alterations to it.


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Modern Warfare's C4 Keeps Inadvertently Blowing Players Up

While the item was once a dream pickup, especially in Warzone where it could eliminate an entire squad with the press of a button when attached to their vehicle, its utility has undoubtedly waned with this update.

With a shortened throwing length, it's much harder to lob over cover, and a short delay to detonation means there's a chance your enemies will escape.


In fact, it's much easier (and more enjoyable) to see the change in action... take it away, u/easrn.

Rest In Peace C4

Still, it could always be worse - imagine getting the C4 wrong at the end of a Warzone match.

That c4 nerf still takes some getting used to...

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