Modern Warfare Season 6: All New Weapons - R700, AS VAL And AA-12

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The beginning of Season 6 for Modern Warfare and Warzone is right around the corner.

Along with the additions of new Operators, game modes and maps, new weapons joining the ever-expanding weapon arsenal has become the normal.


For Season 6, there have been talks of two classic Modern Warfare weapons making their return alongside a brand-new assault rifle.

Find everything you need to know about the brand-new weapons in this article!

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R700 Modern Warfare Season 6

The R700 is coming back!

The R700 sniper rifle has been rumoured to make its long-awaited return in Modern Warfare back before Season 5 even began.


First seen in Call of Duty 4, the bolt-action sniper became a fan-favourite thanks to its combination of extremely high damage and mobility.

Despite the addition of the Rytec AMR in Season 4, the AX-50 and HDR are still the snipers of choice on both Warzone and Modern Warfare. Perhaps the R700 can add some variety in the final season of Modern Warfare and Warzone?

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AS VAL Modern Warfare Season 6

Photo via @BKTOOR_

The brand-new assault rifle will be arriving when Season 6 releases on September 29th.


Footage of the new weapon in action first appeared when leaker @BKTOOR_ posted an early version of the rifle which was discovered in the game files of Modern Warfare.

Armed with an integrated suppressor, semi and fully-automatic firing modes, and a clean iron sight, this could well slot straight into the Warzone metagame as one of the better rifles to be using when dropping into Verdansk.

Development of the rifle began in the early 1980s. Could this be a potential link to Black Ops Cold War?

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AA-12 Modern Warfare Season 6

Photo via @BKTOOR_


The third and final weapon expected to be released during Season 6 is the AA-12 shotgun.

The iconic fully-automatic shotgun from Modern Warfare 2 proved extremely popular among fans wanting an unbeatable weapon in close-quarters engagements.

Like the R700, its release has been speculated for months but after eight long years, it looks like that the classic shotgun is coming back as part of the mid-season update.

The Origin 12 is one of the best close-range weapons to have in Verdansk, could the AA-12 promote further change and provide some much-needed balance?

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How To Unlock

With the AA-12 expected to arrive as part of the mid-season update for Season 6, the R700 and the AS VAL will be available to unlock as soon as the new season goes live.


Like previous seasons, one weapon will be available to unlock at Tier 15 of the Battle Pass and the other will be able to be unlocked at Tier 30.