Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 6: R700 The Next Weapon?

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Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is underway with it, we've been graced with new weapons.

Initially, we were expecting to receive just the ISO SMG and AN-94 assault rifle, but players we're surprised to login and find the Dual Kodachis waiting for them as well (a weapon that was meant to be released in the mid-season update).


The reloaded update also brought the FINN LMG. But now we're getting a look at what's in store for Season 6.

In the build-up to the new season, the R700 has been mentioned and seen in the game files.

Here's the latest information about this new rifle.

Season 6 Will Bring The R700

Data miners confirmed the presence of the Call of Duty 4 rifle in the game files, but now evidence of its existence has started to emerge.


@BKTOOR_ gave us our first look at the rifle not long ago.

Now we've seen actual footage of it in action thanks to @BKTOOR_ once again.

قيمبلاي للنسخة المحدثة من سلاح R700 مدري متى بينزل هالسنايبر ممكن الموسم السادس Gameplay of the update version R700 No release date
— ᴮᴷᵀᴼᴼᴿ (@BKTOOR_)
August 5, 2020

It appears to be a marksman rifle rather than a sniper rifle in the photo below.


You can see new rifle in action here:

Here we go 👀👇🏼
— ᴮᴷᵀᴼᴼᴿ (@BKTOOR_)
August 25, 2020