Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 6: AA-12 Shotgun New Weapon

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With Season 6 arriving at the end of September, you may be interested to know what new weapons await you.

Alongside the R700, we are expecting to get the AA-12!

This automatic shotgun first featured back in Modern Warfare 2 and has held a special place within the community.

Now it will hold a special place in your loadout!


AA-12 Returns In Season 6!

The AA-12 shotgun appears to be returning to Call of Duty after an 8-year absence.

As posted by @BKTOOR_, an early version of the AA-12 can be found in the game files.

It's been speculated that this weapon has been there for some time, but has only recently come to light.

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BLAST FROM THE PAST: The AA-12 returns after 8 years!


Photo via @BKTOOR_

@BKTOOR_ has also gone one step further by posting some in-game action of the legendary shotgun.

What's immediately noticeable is the extreme kick that the weapon displays when rapidly fired. It may be that this shotgun packs quite a punch and the extreme recoil helps balance it out.

The weapon appears to have 8 shots per magazine by default (the same as the original weapon in older Call of Duty games). With extended mags, it could go as high as 16; which is why this weapon was so fun to use.

أول قيمبلاي لسلاح الشتقن AA12Here the First gameplay of sh_aalpha12
— ᴮᴷᵀᴼᴼᴿ (@BKTOOR_)
September 2, 2020

First introduced in Modern Warfare 2, this shotgun was very reliable at close range but its practicality was limited by its reach

With a rate of fire of 400 RPM, it was more than enough to dispatch multiple enemies in close proximity by spamming it.

The AA-12's main downfall (in older games) was that it only had one extra magazine, meaning you may need to bring some ammunition with it.

The weapon returned in Modern Warfare 3 but was outclassed by weapons such as the Striker and USAS-12.

There's no telling how good this gun will be, especially in Verdansk. But, it will certainly be a great nostalgic addition to the game as it plays out its encore.