Modern Warfare's AS Val Is Breaking The Game, Here's Why

Modern Warfare Season 6 is here, but fans have noticed something strange with the AS Val weapon when paired with the SPP magazine attachment.

While the weapon itself is already lethal in the right hands, with the attachment it actually breaks the game somewhat.

Here's all we know.

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Modern Warfare's New Gun Is Broken

Long-time Call of Duty Youtuber TheXclusiveAce noted that the SPP rounds actually tear through walls with no damage penalty.

This means that any player can fire through walls, potentially shredding through enemies without even having a clear line of sight.

Check out the video below.

As you can see, it can essentially rip through multiple structures at once, regardless of material.

That allows it to fire through entire structures and cover with no damage dropoff.

When paired with the snapshot grenade that identifies players, it means players can kill an enemy from the other side of the map.

Of course, Infinity Ward is likely to patch this as soon as possible, which hopefully will stop this kind of ridiculous moments from happening:

Crossmap VAL Shot- LMFAO


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