CDL Atlanta Event 2020 Hub: Updates, Bracket, Stream, Schedule, Information, Predictions & More

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The dust has settled on the Call of Duty League’s first trip to the UK this year, with the Chicago Huntsmen taking home the top spot after taking down the Dallas Empire to conclude what was another epic weekend of world-class Call of Duty action.

The third stop in the Modern Warfare esports calendar takes place in Atlanta, with the Atlanta FaZe hosting its first and only home series of the season.


In this article, find everything you need to know ahead of the event, including which eight teams are attending, where and when the event takes place.

Be sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates live from the event.

Live Updates


Monday, February 24th, 12.22am GMT

ATLANTA FAZE ARE YOUR ATLANTA HOME SERIES CHAMPIONS!! They take a close St. Petrograd Domination to complete the sweep. A great job by Florida who caught everyone off guard with a fantastic performance.

FINAL PLACEMENTS:1st: Atlanta FaZe - $50,000 - 50 Points + 10 bonus points2nd: Florida Mutineers - $30,000 - 30 Points3rd/4th: Minnesota RØKKR - $10,000 - 20 Points3rd/4th: Chicago Huntsmen - $10,000 - 20 Points5th/6th: London Royal Ravens - 10 Points5th/6th: Paris Legion - 10 Points7th/8th: OpTic Gaming Los Angeles - 0 Points7th/8th: Toronto Ultra - 0 Points



Monday, February 24th, 12.15am GMT

Atlanta lock in the triple-cap again! Florida could be in BIG trouble here.

Monday, February 24th, 12.13am GMT

At the end of the first half, Florida lead 77-73. This could go either way.

Monday, February 24th, 12.10am GMT

Florida lock in a triple-cap for just a few seconds before Atlanta regain control of the C flag. That could've got out of hand fast.


Monday, February 24th, 12.08am GMT

St. Petrograd Domination has been the home of a Florida reverse sweep before, is it going to happen again?

Monday, February 24th, 12.04am GMT

What do Florida have left as we move into the Domination. What can they do to halt the FaZe from winning their home series event?

Monday, February 24th, 12.01am GMT - Atlanta FaZe 2-0 Florida Mutineers

Atlanta FaZe secure Gun Runner 6-4 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Florida need a reverse sweep to be crowned champions. They've done it once already, can they do it again?

Sunday, February 23rd 11.58PM GMT


Four opening kills for aBeZythis match, he breaks onto the B site for Atlanta to secure a 5-4 lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 11.57PM GMT

Level once again! Prestinni hits two quick scopes but it wasn't enough as Atlanta level the game again.

Sunday, February 23rd 11.55PM GMT

Florida re-take the lead with a perfect push onto the Atlanta players. Can they keep it going and secure a fifth round?

Sunday, February 23rd 11.53PM GMT

Just like that, it's all square at 3-3.


Sunday, February 23rd 11.50PM GMT

3-1 to the Mutineers. Florida looking very strong in post-plant scenarios

Sunday, February 23rd 11.48PM GMT

Atlanta stop the bleeding and get their first round on the board. 2-1 in favour of Florida.

Sunday, February 23rd 11.46PM GMT

Two straight for Florida! 

Sunday, February 23rd 11.45PM GMT


A massive 1v1 for Prestinni to secure the opening round for the Mutineers. 1-0 Florida

Sunday, February 23rd 11.43PM GMT

Gun Runner plays host to the first S&D of the series. What does Florida have up its sleeves against an Atlanta team that is phenomenal at the mode?

Sunday, February 23rd 11.41PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 1-0 Florida Mutineers

Despite the early rotations from the Mutineers, Atlanta take St. Petrograd Hardpoint 250-138 to open the series. 

Sunday, February 23rd 11.39PM GMT

The FaZe are on another level in the slaying department. The race for the Hazmat hill is on!


Sunday, February 23rd 11.37PM GMT

Atlanta is running away with the map. Can the Mutineers stop the bleeding?

Sunday, February 23rd 11.36PM GMT

Looks like that early rotation doesn't make a difference for Atlanta! They break through with brute force to secure hill number three and the quick rotation to hill four.

Sunday, February 23rd 11.35PM GMT

Atlanta take the lead but it's Florida locking down the rotations early on. 

Sunday, February 23rd 11.33PM GMT


Florida begin with the early lead but Atlanta secure spawns for the second hill! They're right back in it.

Sunday, February 23rd 11.28PM GMT

We have an MVP trophy! Which player do you think will get their hands on the trophy? Tweet us!

Sunday, February 23rd 11.23PM GMT

St. Petrograd Hardpoint will be the opening game of the series. It'll be the battle of the SMGs once again and which team is able to lock in the rotations successfully.

Sunday, February 23rd 11.18PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe v Florida Mutineers

Hype Battle checked off the list, now it's back down to business. Atlanta FaZe take on the Florida Mutineers in the Atlanta Home Series Grand Finals? Will it be EZAF or can the Mutineers release the kraken onto the young stars of the red militia?


Sunday, February 23rd 11.02PM GMT

What an amazing weekend of Call of Duty action. The level of competition is as high as its ever been, every team is capable of beating the other and storylines, new and old, are the backbone of the league. Call of Duty is only going to improve as the CDL continues its growth.

Sunday, February 23rd 10.49PM GMT

Now we have some time to regain as the Hype Battle takes place. Joins us for the Grand Final?

Sunday, February 23rd 10.45PM GMT

Today is the day of reverse sweeps! Who is going to take the finals? Tweet us your predictions!

Sunday, February 23rd 10.44PM GMT


The final is set. The Atlanta FaZe will take on the Florida Mutineers to be crowned the Atlanta Home Series champion.

Sunday, February 23rd 10.39PM GMT - Florida Mutineers 3-2 Chicago Huntsmen 

GGWP!!! Florida Mutineers take Gun Runner 6-2 and the series 3-2 to complete the reverse sweep!

Sunday, February 23rd 10.38PM GMT


Sunday, February 23rd 10.36PM GMT

Mutineers take the lead! 3-2 for Florida


Sunday, February 23rd 10.32PM GMT

2-1 in favour of the Huntsmen.

Sunday, February 23rd 10.31PM GMT

All square in the early going. Prestinni against Articys for a spot in the final!

Sunday, February 23rd 10.25PM GMT

Who wins this one?! We all want Atlanta versus Chicago but can Florida give them a run for their money if they make it to the final?!

Sunday, February 23rd 10.22PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 2-2 Florida Mutineers


WE GO TO A GAME FIVE!! Florida hold on to force a fifth and final map!

Sunday, February 23rd 10.19PM GMT

This is so very close...

Sunday, February 23rd 10.17PM GMT

Can the Mutineers hold on to their slender lead? Chicago are throwing everything at them, including the kitchen sink!

Sunday, February 23rd 10.13PM GMT

Hackney Yard Hardpoint is next. Florida have the preferred side so they have a chance to build a solid lead off the break.


Sunday, February 23rd 10.11PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 2-1 Florida Mutineers

GAME ON! Florida hold on in Domination to force a second Hardpoint of the game

Sunday, February 23rd 10.07PM GMT

Florida establish a 20-point lead with under two minutes left! Can they hold it to force the game four?

Sunday, February 23rd 10.04PM GMT

Hlaft-time: Chicago lead 84-79. Just FIVE points in it! Who is going to walk away with the win?

Sunday, February 23rd 10.03PM GMT


Chicago re-take the lead after the Mutineers manage to take it for a brief second.

Sunday, February 23rd 10.00PM GMT

Chicago secure the early lead but it's Florida securing control of two flags to reduce the gap.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.58PM GMT

St. Petrograd Domination is next. Florida LOVE this map so expect a close contest!

Sunday, February 23rd 9.48PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 2-0 Florida Mutineers

Chicago secure Arklov Peak S&D 6-4 to take a 2-0 lead. Will the secure the sweep or do Florida have something left in the tank? Domination is next!


Sunday, February 23rd 9.47PM GMT 

Florida break the deadlock. But the Huntsmen immediately respond with a round of their own to level it at 4-4.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.44PM GMT

All tied up! 3 rounds apiece. Who is going to get the upper hand?

Sunday, February 23rd 9.42PM GMT 

3-2 in favour of the Huntsmen. Florida are definitely not out of this map yet.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.39PM GMT 


Florida get their first round on the board. A potential response from the Mutineers or a lapse in concentration for the Huntsmen?

Sunday, February 23rd 9.36PM GMT 

Arguably their best mode, Chicago win the first two rounds thanks to a crafty nade from Envoy.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.31PM GMT 

Despite the loss, Florida look very good. This could go the distance! Arklov Peak S&D next.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.29PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 1-0 Florida Mutineers

Chicago take the lead in the dying moments to snatch game one away from Florida! What a start to the series. Florida will be looking to reset the series with a win in game two.


Sunday, February 23rd 9.27PM GMT

Are Chicago about to do it?! They've been just behind all game long as we head to the final hill with a handful of points.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.25PM GMT

The Mutineers are holding on despite the strong slaying performance coming from the Huntsmen.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.19PM GMT

HERE WE GO! Florida with the early lead while Chicago look to re-take the lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 9.13PM GMT


Azhir Cave Hardpoint will be the first map of the series. Who is gonna take it?!

Sunday, February 23rd 9.07PM GMT

Are Florida going to deny us of a potential classic? If they do manage to defeat the Huntsmen, will they be able to overcome the FaZe?

Sunday, February 23rd 9.03PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen v Florida Mutineers

UP NEXT: Our second semi-final. Chicago look to set up the Atlanta showdown as they face Florida Mutineers for the second spot in the final.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.57PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Minnesota RØKKR

They complete the sweep! Atlanta hold on to take Gun Runner S&D to win the series 3-2 in epic fashion! They move onto the final while Minnesota drop out in the top four.


Sunday, February 23rd 8.53PM GMT

Surely not... 5-4

Sunday, February 23rd 8.52PM GMT

Minnesota stay alive... just! They need to win three-straight rounds for the comeback!

Sunday, February 23rd 8.50PM GMT

5-2 to the FaZe... Is there any way of Minnesota to come back?

Sunday, February 23rd 8.49PM GMT


FaZe go 4-2 up...

Sunday, February 23rd 8.47PM GMT

Minnesota answer back! 3-2 Atlanta.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.46PM GMT

Minnesota get their first round on the board. Can they build on it? NO! Atlanta shut them down quickly to take their third.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.42PM GMT

Atlanta draw first blood. This is going to be a complete contrast to game two.


Sunday, February 23rd 8.36PM GMT

GAME FIVE ALERT! Can Atlanta complete the sweep or will Minnesota clutch up?!? This is too close to call! Tune in BELOW:

Sunday, February 23rd 8.35PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 2-2 Minnesota RØKKR

Atlanta HOLD ON! They take Gun Runner Hardpoint to force a game five... 

Sunday, February 23rd 8.33PM GMT 

Is the comeback on?!?!?!?!


Sunday, February 23rd 8.31PM GMT 

Is there any way back for Minnesota?! They've got control of Coal...

Sunday, February 23rd 8.23PM GMT 

Gun Runner Hardpoint is LIIIVE! The battle between GodRx and MajorManiak is going to be nothing short of spectacular.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.20PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 1-2 Minnesota RØKKR

Atlanta bounce back with a ruthless performance on Hackney Yard Domination to stay alive in the series. A MASSIVE Hardpoint is next.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.18PM GMT


Well... Atlanta have bought the fire! With two minutes left, Minnesota need a miracle to turn this around.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.14PM GMT

Scap that last update. Atlanta come roaring back with some excellent control of the map. We go into the half with Atlanta leading 91-64.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.12PM GMT

Cool, calm and collected communications from Minnesota as they hold a slender lead as we head towards half-time.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.09PM GMT

Hackney Yard Domination is LIIIVE! Can Minnesota close out the series?


Sunday, February 23rd 8.09PM GMT

Can Atlanta compose themselves to complete a reverse sweep? The talent is certainly there.

Sunday, February 23rd 8.02PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 0-2 Minnesota RØKKR

2-0 MINNESOTA! The RØKKR take Piccadilly S&D 6-2 to take a shock 2-0 lead. Are they actually going to sweep aside the home team with ease?!

Sunday, February 23rd 8.00PM GMT

Map point secured for Minnesota! Are they going to beat Atlanta in S&D?!

Sunday, February 23rd 7.59PM GMT


Simp with an insane triple to secure the round! Minnesota still have a 4-2 lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.57PM GMT

Still going! What do Atlanta have in their locker to counter some fantastic play from Minnesota?

Sunday, February 23rd 7.56PM GMT

Minnesota keep on rolling! Now 3-1 up with some excellent control of the map.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.54PM GMT

FaZe respond to level the game but a solid retake from the RØKKR sees them re-take the lead. Atlanta showing more cracks in S&D.


Sunday, February 23rd 7.51PM GMT

An untimely teamkill for Simp sees Minnesota take the opening round thanks to GodRx and his proficiency with the sniper.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.49PM GMT

Piccadilly S&D is next! The sniper battle is going to be the key in this one.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.47PM GMT

We have a series on our hands! Can Atlanta stay composed in game two or are Minnesota going to shock everyone and take a 2-0 lead against the home team?!

Sunday, February 23rd 7.44PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 0-1 Minnesota RØKKR


A HUGE statement from Minnesota! They secure Hackney Yard Hardpoint to take a surprising 1-0 lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.41PM GMT

Atlanta hold off a very strong Minnesota offence on the Tyre Shop to build a 50-point lead as we head to the Smokestack!

Sunday, February 23rd 7.38PM GMT

Minnesota are keeping it close! But Atlanta are beginning to fire back as they take the lead in the Offices.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.33PM GMT

The players are ready, the crowd are ready, are YOU ready?! Hackney Yard Hardpoint will kick off the series!!


Sunday, February 23rd 7.26PM GMT

Can Minnesota perform the unthinkable in front of the Atlanta crowd? Or are the FaZe going to sweep them aside to secure their place in the final and a potential showdown with Chicago?

Sunday, February 23rd 7.19PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe v Minnesota RØKKR

UP NEXT: The RØKKR take on the FaZe for a place in the Grand Finals!

Sunday, February 23rd 7.05PM GMT London Royal Ravens 2-3 Florida Mutineers

GG! Florida Mutineers take Gun Runner 6-3 to take the series. London Royal Ravens are out of CDL Atlanta.

Sunday, February 23rd 7.03PM GMT


Map and match point for the Mutineers. What have London got left?

Sunday, February 23rd 7.01PM GMT

4-3 to Florida... 

Sunday, February 23rd 6.59PM GMT


Sunday, February 23rd 6.58PM GMT

London answer back once again! Only one round separates the two sides


Sunday, February 23rd 6.57PM GMT

Frosty reads Skrapz like a book to secure the third round for Florida. They're halfway to victory!

Sunday, February 23rd 6.55PM GMT

London answer back with a round of their own. It is all to play for!

Sunday, February 23rd 6.53PM GMT

Florida hold strong, taking the second round.

Sunday, February 23rd 6.52PM GMT


Gun Runner S&D.... Florida take the opening round.... who's going home?!

Sunday, February 23rd 6.45PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 2-2 Florida Mutineers

GAME FIVE ALERT! London Royal Ravens hold strong on Hackney Yard Hardpoint to force a deciding map. 

Sunday, February 23rd 6.42PM GMT

A HUGE hold in the Tyre Shop for London gives them a slight lead over the Mutineers. Can they hold on the onslaught?

Sunday, February 23rd 6.35PM GMT

We go to Hackney Yard for game four. Havok dropped a 40-bomb against OpTic last night, can he replicate that performance?


Sunday, February 23rd 6.32PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 1-2 Florida Mutineers

Florida secure St. Petrograd Domination to go 2-1 up in the series. Can the Royal Ravens hold strong to take the series to a fifth map?

Sunday, February 23rd 6.25PM GMT

Half-time: Florida lead 86-68 after five minutes. Can London answer back?

Sunday, February 23rd 6.20PM GMT

St.Petrograd Domination up next! Who is going to take the lead in what is a very close series between two very talented teams?

Sunday, February 23rd 6.11PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 1-1 Florida Mutineers


London level the series with a dominant 6-1 win as Frosty becomes the latest member of the agency.

Sunday, February 23rd 6.09PM GMT

Map point secured for the Royal Ravens. Florida need a Full Sail to take the map.

Sunday, February 23rd 6.07PM GMT

London are on a roll. A fourth round for the Royal Ravens edges them closer to levelling the series.

Sunday, February 23rd 6.06PM GMT

Florida finally get a round on the board after a sublime double kill from Prestinni on the B site! Is the comeback on?


Sunday, February 23rd 6.05PM GMT

Despite having the first pick, the Mutineers can't seem to get anything going! How are they going to answer back?

Sunday, February 23rd 6.03PM GMT

A second consecutive round for the Royal Ravens! Another strong defensive showing.

Sunday, February 23rd 6.00PM GMT

First round goes in favour of London after a strong defence of the B site.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.58PM GMT


Arklov Peak S&D up next. Watch Wuskin and his trusty sniper for London!

Sunday, February 23rd 5.54PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 0-1 Florida Mutineers

Florida make a massive statement, taking St. Petrograd Hardpoint 250-154 to secure the opening map.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.49PM GMT

After the first rotation of hills, the Mutineers hold a soild lead as we head into the second rotation.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.46PM GMT

A very hot start for Florida! How are the Royal Ravens going to answer back?


Sunday, February 23rd 5.43PM GMT

Here we go! St. Petrograd Hardpoint will be the map to kick off the series.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.43PM GMT

Keep an eye on Havok for the Mutineers. He excelled in game four against OpTic LA and with the SMG, he could well cause problems for London.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.40PM GMT

Out of the 12 teams, where do you think London place? Top 6? Top 4? Higher or lower?

Sunday, February 23rd 5.37PM GMT


The players are on the mainstage getting ready for this elimination match. Predictions for the next series? I'm thinking 3-1 London. Tweet us your predictions!

Sunday, February 23rd 5.33PM GMT

Last time out, the Royal Ravens took down the Mutineers with a convincing 3-1 win. After taking down OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in the final game of day one, can they put up more of a fight?

Sunday, February 23rd 5.31PM GMT

UP NEXT: The London Royal Ravens clash with the Florida Mutineers for the second time at the event.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.26PM GMT - Paris Legion 2-3 Minnesota RØKKR

GG! Minnesota dominate game five 6-0 to take the series 3-2. They play Atlanta FaZe later today. Paris Legion are out of CDL Atlanta.


Sunday, February 23rd 5.23PM GMT

The last-second plant comes in for Minnesota as they secure map and match point!

Sunday, February 23rd 5.21PM GMT

Four straight for the RØKKR. Denz is on a doughnut, not idea for the Paris S&D star.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.19PM GMT

Despite the best efforts for Louqa, it's a three-round lead for Minnesota! Any way back for the Legion?

Sunday, February 23rd 5.17PM GMT


Two early rounds for Minnesota to give them the early lead on Gun Runner. Important for Paris to answer back quickly.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.14PM GMT

Gun Runner S&D to decide the series. Paris or Minnesota?!

Sunday, February 23rd 5.10PM GMT - Paris Legion 2-2 Minnesota RØKKR

GAME FIVE ALERT! Paris take a very close Azhir Cave Hardpoint to take this series to a final S&D.

Sunday, February 23rd 5.01PM GMT

A very back and forth contest in the early going. Paris hold a slender lead after one rotation of hills.


Sunday, February 23rd 4.57PM GMT

Azhir Cave Hardpoint is game four! AND IT'S LIIIIVE

Sunday, February 23rd 4.56PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-2 Minnesota RØKKR

The RØKKR hold strong. They take St. Petrograd Domination to secure a 2-1 lead. Can the Legion clutch up in game four to take it to a game five decider?

Sunday, February 23rd 4.51PM GMT

Paris are closing the gap... Are we about to se another draw?!

Sunday, February 23rd 4.46PM GMT


Excellent communication from Minnesota as they hold a small lead halfway through the first half.

Sunday, February 23rd 4.42PM GMT 

After last night's dramatic ending to Domination, can these two teams run it that close?

Sunday, February 23rd 4.36PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-1 Minnesota RØKKR

Paris tie up the series with a 6-3 win on St. Petrograd S&D. All to play for as we head to map three!

Sunday, February 23rd 4.34PM GMT

Paris secure map point. Can Minnesota respond?


Sunday, February 23rd 4.30PM GMT

The Legion looking solid on St. Petrograd! They lead 4-1, Denz currently 5-1 after five rounds.

Sunday, February 23rd 4.22PM GMT

GodRx comes within inches of hitting a ridiculous collateral through the smoke as the RØKKR secures the opening round. 

Sunday, February 23rd 4.20PM GMT

Denz has been the shining star for Paris in S&D. He will be the key if they are to levle the series on St. Petrograd.

Sunday, February 23rd 4.18PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-0 Paris Legion


First blood to Minnesota! They take Gun Runner Hardpoint to take the opening map of the series.

Sunday, February 23rd 3.50PM GMT

CDL Atlanta is LIIIIIVE!

Sunday, February 23rd 3.41PM GMT

Under 10 minutes to go until we get underway in Atlanta!

Sunday, February 23rd 2.50PM GMT

The stream goes live in TEN MINUTES. Find it below.


Sunday, February 23rd 2.31PM GMT

Three hours to go until we get back underway in Atlanta. Kicking off day two will be Minnesota taking on the Paris Legion, the loser will go home while the winner will play the Atlanta FaZe.

Sunday, February 23rd 1.11PM GMT

Can anyone take down Atlanta?! London came rather close yesterday but the speed and the slaying ability of the FaZe was too much for the Royal Ravens. If they meet Chicago in the final, will the Huntsmen be able to defeat them?

Sunday, February 23rd 12.07PM GMT - Day 2

GOOOOOD AFTERNOON! Not long to go until day two of CDL Atlanta gets underway. Last night, Chicago Huntsmen and Atlanta FaZe secured their places in the knockout bracket while the London Royal Ravens, Florida Mutineers, Minnesota RØKKR and the Paris Legion all have a chance of joining them in the top four.Predictions:

London Royal Ravens v Florida Mutineers: 3-1 LondonMinnesota RØKKR v Paris Legion: 3-2 Minnesota


The prospect of a Chicago v Atlanta final is still on the cards. Will we finally get to see the two best teams battle it out on the big stage?

Sunday, February 23rd 1.51AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 3-1 OpTic Gaming LA

GG! Florida take Hackney Yard Hardpoint the series 3-1, sending OpTic LA home with no points! They set up a re-match against London tomorrow.I'm done for the evening for a much-needed rest. CDL Atlanta returns from 3PM GMT later today!

Sunday, February 23rd 1.51AM GMT

This is so close...

Sunday, February 23rd 1.48AM GMT

Too close to call! A big hold needed on the Tyre Shop for the Mutineers to start pulling away.


Sunday, February 23rd 1.44AM GMT

Even Stevens after the first two hills. Will OpTic LA lose yet another series?

Sunday, February 23rd 1.41AM GMT

After a bit of a wait, we move to Hackney Yard Hardpoint for a BIIIIG game four. Can the Green Wall withstand the Kraken?

Sunday, February 23rd 1.40AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 2-1 OpTic Gaming LA

We have a winner! Florida take St. Petrograd Domination to take a 2-1 lead. Let's see how both sets of players bounce back after a small break in the action.

Sunday, February 23rd 1.34AM GMT


Still no ruling... We wait with baited breath.

Sunday, February 23rd 1.28AM GMT

When the clock strikes zero, both teams are tied at 144 points but when the final score appears,  Florida have the win. What happens here then?!

Sunday, February 23rd 1.24AM GMT

Still awaiting an official verdict... It's CWL London all over again.

Sunday, February 23rd 1.21AM GMT

A DRAW?!?!?!? The game says Florida win by a single point so we go to VAR!


Sunday, February 23rd 1.15AM GMT

Just seven points separates the two teams as we head into the second half with OpTic holding a very slender lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 1.09AM GMT

St. Petrograd Domination is our game three once again. Can Florida keep the momentum rolling?

Sunday, February 23rd 1.06AM GMT

All tied up at 1-1. Which player is going to make the impact in game three? Let us know on Twitter!

Sunday, February 23rd 1.02AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 1-1 OpTic Gaming LA


Florida equalise! They manage to force a round 11 and take it to snatch the map from OGLA and level the series. 

Sunday, February 23rd 12.58AM GMT

Map point for OGLA! Do Florida have anything left up their sleeves?

Sunday, February 23rd 12.55AM GMT

The wall is holding strong on Arklov Peak S&D as OGLA take a 4-2 lead. Florida still in contention however.

Sunday, February 23rd 12.46AM GMT

Havok makes it into the smoke and takes down two OGLA members to secure the opening round for the Mutineers. Who's trying that in the CDL Playlist?!


Sunday, February 23rd 12.43AM GMT

Surely OpTic take this series after such a convincing performance in game one? This is a prime opportunity for them to get some points on the board and join the mid-table battle.

Sunday, February 23rd 12.41AM GMT

Welcome to the Call of Duty League OpTic Gaming Los Angeles! About time this team showed that they can do. They dominate Rammaza Hardpoint 250-139 to take the early lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 12.33AM GMT - Florida Mutineers v OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Rammaza Hardpoint is a GO! OpTic with a quick start and the early lead.

Sunday, February 23rd 12.29AM GMT


Can the Green Wall secure their very first win of the season against a Florida team adamant on bouncing back after losing to London earlier in the day?

Sunday, February 23rd 12.22AM GMT

It has been an epic opening day of action at CDL Atlanta. After seeing all the teams in action, which is most likely to take down Atlanta? Do Chicago even have a chance if they do face off?

Sunday, February 23rd 12.18AM GMT

UP NEXT: The final game of the night! Florida Mutineers take on OpTic Gaming LA in the second elimination match of the day.

Sunday, February 23rd 12.17AM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 3-1 London Royal Ravens

GG! Atlanta round out Gun Runner Hardpoint to secure series 3-1. London aren't done yet. They will play the winner of Florida versus OpTic Gaming LA for a chance at bracket play.


Sunday, February 23rd 12.05AM GMT

Gun Runner Hardpoint next. The battle for rotations will be key so keep an eye on the minimap!

Sunday, February 23rd 12.03AM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 2- 1 London Royal Ravens

Still life in the Ravens! They take St. Petrograd Domination to reduce the deficit to 2-1, Is it enough to force a game five?!

Saturday, February 22nd 11.56PM GMT 

Half-time: London lead 73-66 after five minutes. Very scrappy from both teams but it's the Royal Ravens who hold a small lead at the half.

Saturday, February 22nd 11.47PM GMT 


St. Petrograd Domination up next. Rated excelled on this map against Florida, can he and the other SMGs content with Simp and aBeZy or will the FaZe be too strong and shoot down the Ravens from the sky?

Saturday, February 22nd 11.45PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 2-0 London Royal Ravens

Despite the best efforts from Wuskin and his sniper, Atlanta close out Arklov Peak S&D 6-3 to take a commanding lead in the series. Surely no way back for the Royal Ravens.... or is there something left in the tank?

Saturday, February 22nd 11.41PM GMT 

Map point secured for Atlanta. Is there any way back for London?

Saturday, February 22nd 11.38PM GMT 

Another round for the Royal Ravens to bring it within one round! Very evenly matched.


Saturday, February 22nd 11.34PM GMT 

London get on the board early. 2-1 in favour of Atlanta.

Saturday, February 22nd 11.31PM GMT 

MajorManiak! He shuts down the B play to give FaZe the first round of the game.

Saturday, February 22nd 11.27PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 1-0 London Royal Ravens

Atlanta FaZe take Hackney Yard Hardpoint 250-195 to take a 1-0 lead. A lot closer than expected, can London responsd in game two?

Saturday, February 22nd 11.20PM GMT 


With the favourable side, FaZe start off well but London quickly begin to reduce the gap.

Saturday, February 22nd 11.16PM GMT 

Here we go! Hackney Yard Hardpoint will be game one in what could be an epic series.

Saturday, February 22nd 11.13PM GMT 

Atlanta have conceded just one map this season. Can London hand them three more to spring a surprise?

Saturday, February 22nd 11.07PM GMT 

This next match is not going to be easy for the Royal Ravens. If Rated, Dylan and Jurd can out-perform the FaZe SMGs, then we are in for a mighty contest between two very strong sides.


Saturday, February 22nd 11.02PM GMT - London Royal Ravens v Atlanta FaZe

UP NEXT: Our second qualification game of the night! Can the event hosts book their place in the bracket or can the Royal Ravens swoop in and take the victory from under their feet?

Saturday, February 22nd 11.00PM GMT - Paris Legion 3-1 Toronto Ultra

GG! The Paris Legion close out Azhir Cave Hardpoint to secure the series 3-1. So close yet so far for the Ultra, who are the first team to be eliminated from the Atlanta Home Series.

Saturday, February 22nd 10.49PM GMT

We are live on Azhir Cave Hardpoint! Can the Ultra go to yet another game five or will Paris assert their slaying prowess and wrap up the series?

Saturday, February 22nd 10.47PM GMT


It is great to see such improvement from the Ultra while the Legion have been a tad inconsistent this weekend. Can they find their form from previous weeks to make a run?

Saturday, February 22nd 10.43PM GMT - Paris Legion 2-1 Toronto Ultra

Strong middle map control for the Legion allows them to secure St. Petrograd Domination to take the series lead. Do Toronto have what it takes to force another game five?

Saturday, February 22nd 10.38PM GMT

Half-time: Paris Legion lead 97-55 as we head into the second half. Toronto did show some signs of life towards the end of the half so it could well go either way,

Saturday, February 22nd 10.37PM GMT

The Legion continue their momentum from game two, cementing a solid lead with a minute left in the first half.


Saturday, February 22nd 10.33PM GMT

St. Petrograd Domination will be game four. Methodz played well last time the Ultra played here so look for him with the M4 holding down the lanes.

Saturday, February 22nd 10.30PM GMT

Currently sitting in third in the league table, can Paris stay alive in the tournament for a chance at reaching the knockout bracket? Or can the Ultra stay strong in the respawn modes?

Saturday, February 22nd 10.28PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-1 Toronto Ultra

Comeback complete! Paris Legion bounce back after going 5-2 down to level the series at 1-1. Domination is next! How are the Ultra going to bounce back from another round 11 loss?

Saturday, February 22nd 10.26PM GMT


ROUND 11! Can Paris complete the comeback?!

Saturday, February 22nd 10.24PM GMT

Paris are not done yet! Toronto lead 5-4 but the Legion have responded well after falling behind.

Saturday, February 22nd 10.17PM GMT

A big round win for Paris to avoid them going three rounds down. Zed needs to step up if the Legion are to take the lead.

Saturday, February 22nd 10.15PM GMT

Still a very close contest despite Toronto establishing an early lead. 3-1 in favour of the Ultra in game two!


Saturday, February 22nd 10.06PM GMT - Paris Legion 0-1 Toronto Ultra

GG! Classic drops a 40-bomb on the Legion to help secure Gun Runner Hardpoint to take the early series lead. Gun Runner S&D next!

Saturday, February 22nd 10.00PM GMT

Still neck and neck! An early rotation for Toronto could be the catalyst for a good haul of points.

Saturday, February 22nd 9.56PM GMT

Both teams are inseparable in the early stages of the game. Paris appear to have the advantage in the slaying department but Minnesota are within touching distance

Saturday, February 22nd 9.52PM GMT


Game one will be Gun Runner Hardpoint. GodRx and Methodz have been excelling for the Ultra and will have to shut down Kismet & co.

Saturday, February 22nd 9.42PM GMT - Paris Legion v Toronto Ultra

UP NEXT: The first elimination of the match of the weekend. Who goes home? Paris or Toronto? Tweet us your predictions!

Saturday, February 22nd 9.38PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-3 Chicago Huntsmen

GG! Chicago take Gun Runner Hardpoint to secure a 3-1 win. The Huntsmen are the first team in the knockout bracket! Up next, the Paris Legion take on the Toronto Ultra.

Saturday, February 22nd 9.32PM GMT

Another back and forth Hardpoint between these two sides. Chicago hold a 20-point lead while Minnesota are beginning to close the gap.


Saturday, February 22nd 9.27PM GMT

Gun Runner Hardpoint is LIIIVE! Can Minnesota take Chicago to their second game five of the day?

 Saturday, February 22nd 9.24PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-2 Chicago Huntsmen

Close but no cigar for Minnesota as Chicago manage to win a close Hackney Yard Domination to take the series lead. Another game five on the cards maybe?

Saturday, February 22nd 9.19PM GMT

Exquisite play from Envoy as the Huntsmen lead 91-53 at the half. A tough task for Minnesota to respond in the second half.

Saturday, February 22nd 9.13PM GMT


Hackney Yard Domination is game three. Expect a monumental battle between the SMG players on both sides.

Saturday, February 22nd 9.11PM GMT

A stellar performance from Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson in game two, dropping 14 kills on Gun Runner!

 Saturday, February 22nd 9.07PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-1 Chicago Huntsmen

All square once again! The Huntsmen halt a late charge from the RØKKR to level the series. Who is going to take the Domination?

Saturday, February 22nd 9.05PM GMT

Minnesota answer back with three rounds of their own but a crisp double kill for Envoy in round six gives Chicago the advantage once again.


Saturday, February 22nd 9.02PM GMT

A big round for Alexx sees the RØKKR secure their second round.

Saturday, February 22nd 9.00PM GMT

Three very quick rounds for Chicago secures them the early lead in game two. Minnesota need to answer back and quickly.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.55PM GMT

Gun Runner S&D up next! What can we expect from the Huntsmen after a defeat?

Saturday, February 22nd 8.51PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-0 Chicago Huntsmen


No they're not! Nonetheless, Minnesota secure St. Petrograd Hardpoint 250-107 to take game one. Time for Chicago to hit a swift regain.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.51PM GMT

GodRx is FRYING for the RØKKR! Are Chicago going to be the first members of the 100-point club?!

Saturday, February 22nd 8.47PM GMT

Well well well! Minnesota begin game one on the front foot, securing a strong early lead. How are the Huntsmen going to answer back?

Saturday, February 22nd 8.43PM GMT

HERE WE GO! The teams are getting ready on the mainstage ahead of the opening Hardpoint on St. Petrograd.


Saturday, February 22nd 8.33PM GMT

Minnesota looked great against Paris earlier on this evening, do they have what it takes to defeat a Chicago team fresh off a very close series against the Ultra? There is potential for this series to go either way.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.27PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR v Chicago Huntsmen

UP NEXT: Minnesota do battle against the Huntsmen in the first qualifying match of the event. The winner will book their place in the knockout bracket.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.25PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 3-0 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

GGWP! Atlana FaZe close out the series with a comfortable victory on St. Petrograd Domination to knock down the Green Wall 3-0. The FaZe play the Royal Ravens later this evening.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.14PM GMT


Atlanta proving why they are one of the teams to beat, asserting their authority against OpTic LA, is there any way back for the Green Wall?

Saturday, February 22nd 8.09PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 2-0 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

2-0 Atlanta. Another impressive display in S&D moves the FaZe to within one win of advancing into the Group A qualifying games where they could face the London Royal Ravens.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.07PM GMT

Atlanta finally show some weakness! Before this map, the FaZe had not lost a single round of S&D all season long.

Saturday, February 22nd 8.06PM GMT

Down but not out. OGLA show some signs of life as they answer back with three rounds of their own to cut the deficit to one round.


Saturday, February 22nd 8.00PM GMT

Atlanta open up Arklov Peak S&D with three successive round wins to build a solid lead. Is there any way back for OpTic? It's certainly going to be a long road.

Saturday, February 22nd 7.51PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 1-0 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Atlanta open Azhir Cave Hardpoint with a dominant victory, giving them the early lead. What a stellar performance from Preston "Priestahh" Greiner - 30+ kills and over two minutes in the Hardpoint!

 Saturday, February 22nd 7.48PM GMT

FaZe are coming out swinging! Cracks are beginning to appear in the Green Wall...

Saturday, February 22nd 7.41PM GMT


HERE WE GO! Azhir Cave Hardpoint will play host to the Atlanta FaZe's first game at their home event. Can they begin the weekend with a win or can the Green Wall hold strong?

Saturday, February 22nd 7.36PM GMT

During the downtime between games, make sure to check out our Modern Warfare news section! We've got you covered with the latest Battle Royale rumours and much more.

Saturday, February 22nd 7.30PM GMT

Still without a win this season, OpTic Gaming LA has the talent that can play well but whether the team has improved since Launch Weekend is another matter.

Saturday, February 22nd 7.22PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe v OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

UP NEXT: The home team take on OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in the fourth game of the day. Who have you got taking the series and why? Let us know on Twitter


Saturday, February 22nd 7.12PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 3-2 Toronto Ultra

That could NOT have been any closer. Chicago Huntsmen clutch up to take the round 11 and the series 3-2. The Ultra play the Paris Legion while Chicago advance to face the Minnesota RØKKR.

Saturday, February 22nd 7.12PM GMT

ROUND 11...

Saturday, February 22nd 7.04PM GMT

SCUMP! After four rounds, he leads the lobby with 10 (yes,10) frags to his name.

Saturday, February 22nd 7.03PM GMT


Three straight for Chicago! Is it all over for Toronto?

Saturday, February 22nd 7.02PM GMT

Two quick rounds for the Huntsmen gives them an early lead. Toronto certainly not out of the game just yet but need some rounds on the board before the game gets out of hand.

Saturday, February 22nd 6.54PM GMT

Will the Huntsmen be handed their first loss of the CDL? Will the Ultra take their place in the qualifying match for Group B? Who is going to take the series?!?!?!?!

Saturday, February 22nd 6.53PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 2-2 Toronto Ultra

WE GO TO GAME FIVE! Toronto manage to hold a resurging Chicago on Gun Runner Hardpoint to force a fifth and final map! Who'd have thought it!


Saturday, February 22nd 6.50PM GMT

All to play for! Toronto have an 80-point lead but Chicago are far from out of this game yet...

Saturday, February 22nd 6.38PM GMT- Chicago Huntsmen 2-1 Toronto Ultra

Chicago responds with a convincing performance on St. Petrograd Domination to secure a 2-1 lead in the series. Can the Ultra force a game five decider?

Saturday, February 22nd 6.34PM GMT

Chicago come out swinging after five minutes of St. Petrograd Domination. Much to do for Toronto in the second half.

Saturday, February 22nd 6.27PM GMT


St. Petrograd Domination up next! Will Chicago retake the series lead or will Toronto move one step further to causing the biggest surprise of the season so far?

Saturday, February 22nd 6.20PM GMT- Chicago Huntsmen 1-1 Toronto Ultra

I've just looked away from my monitor for a brief minute and Toronto have leveled the series with a dominating performance on Piccadilly S&D! A crucial third map is next!

Saturday, February 22nd 6.05PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen 1-0 Toronto Ultra

What a way to start the series! The Huntsmen survive a scare from the Ultra to take Hackney Yard Hardpoint 250-203 to take the opening map.

Saturday, February 22nd 6.02PM GMT

Despite a very impressive start for the Ultra, Chicago have answered back with a vengeance to take a slight lead as we head towards the final minutes of game one.


Saturday, February 22nd 5.55PM GMT

Here we go! Hackney Yard Hardpoint will be the opening game of the series. Can Toronto chop down the Huntsmen?

Saturday, February 22nd 5.50PM GMT

Nearly halfway through the first day of competition already! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?! Which of the teams that have already played have impressed you the most? Let us know on Twitter!

Saturday, February 22nd 5.43PM GMT - Chicago Huntsmen v Toronto Ultra

UP NEXT: League leaders Chicago Huntsmen look to continue their fine start to the season against a Toronto Ultra team that has shown signs of potential. Can they cause arguably the biggest upset of the season so far?

Saturday, February 22nd 5.35PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 3-1 Florida Mutineers


GGWP! The London Royal Ravens come out swinging with a 250-126 win on Azhir Cave Hardpoint to secure the 3-1 series victory. 

Saturday, February 22nd 5.23PM GMT

We move to Azhir Cave Hardpoint for game four! Watch the ARs on both teams to lock down the lanes and the cave for maximum control.

Saturday, February 22nd 5.21PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 2-1 Florida Mutineers

The Royal Ravens come close to taking the lead in the latter stages of the game, but Florida get their first map win on the board to reduce the deficit to one. Is a potential reverse sweep on the cards?

Saturday, February 22nd 5.16PM GMT

Signs of life from the Mutineers as they hold a slender lead as we head into the second half of St. Petrograd Domination!


Saturday, February 22nd 5.08PM GMT

It's looking good if you're a London fan. What can Florida muster up if they are to answer back in this series?

Saturday, February 22nd 5.04PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 2-0 Florida Mutineers

Easy as you like for London. They secure Gun Runner S&D 6-2 to take a comfortable lead in the series. Is there any way back for Florida?

Saturday, February 22nd 4.54PM GMT

Another great start for London but Florida manage to score their first round on the board.

Saturday, February 22nd 4.53PM GMT


Seconds out, round two! Gun Runner S&D is next!

Saturday, February 22nd 4.50PM GMT - London Royal Ravens 1-0 Florida Mutineers

Statement made. The Royal Ravens kick off the series with a strong win on St. Petrograd Hardpoint to take the opening map. How can the Mutineers answer back?

Saturday, February 22nd 4.47PM GMT

RATED'S ON FIRE, THE MUTINEERS ARE TERRIFIED! What a start for the Ravens as they roar to a convincing lead.

Saturday, February 22nd 4.29PM GMT - London Royal Ravens v Florida Mutineers

First up:St. Petrograd plays host to the opening Hardpoint of the series. Aggression is the key to secure control of the middle map while rotating to the upcoming hills.


Saturday, February 22nd 4.26PM GMT

Bradley "Wuskin" Marshall has been billed as one of the very best assault rifle players in the world. Can he and the Royal Ravens secure some more points on the board? Or will Florida prove why they shouldn't be underestimated?

Saturday, February 22nd 4.20PM GMT

London had a very strong showing back in their hometown while Florida is packed with underrated talent that is more than capable of causing an upset.

Saturday, February 22nd 4.12PM GMT

UP NEXT: The London Royal Ravens continue their CDL campaign against the Florida Mutineers.

Saturday, February 22nd 4.09PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-3 Minnesota RØKKR


GG! The Minnesota RØKKR take Azhir Cave Hardpoint 250-206 to secure the series 3-1. Paris now drop into the loser's bracket where they will play the loser of the Chicago Huntsmen versus the Toronto Ultra.

Saturday, February 22nd 4.06PM GMT

After a very strong start to Azhir Cave Hardpoint for Minnesota, Paris have answered back! It's all to play for with two and a half minutes left!

Saturday, February 22nd 3.59PM GMT

A great showing from Adam "GodRx" Brown in game three. If he can keep that level of performance up in the next game, Paris could find themselves fighting from the loser's bracket.

Saturday, February 22nd 3.53PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-2 Minnesota RØKKR

The momentum stays with Minnesota as they stomp the Paris Legion on Hackney Yard Domination to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Will they close it out or will Paris force a deciding game five?


Saturday, February 22nd 3.49PM GMT

Half-time on Hackney Yard Domination and Minnesota are on the front foot, securing a 109-48 lead after five minutes of play. Can the Legion respond?

Saturday, February 22nd 3.37PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-1 Minnesota RØKKR

All tied up! Minnesota bounce back on St. Pertograd S&D with a 6-2 win to level the series at one map apiece. Who is going to break the deadlock in game three?

Saturday, February 22nd 3.34PM GMT

Minnesota are ROKKing... They secure map point, leaving Paris with a lot of work to do. Can they make the comeback?!

Saturday, February 22nd 3.30PM GMT


All square after four rounds of St. Petrograd S&D, which of these teams is going to get make the breakthrough?

Just like that! Minnesota secure the fifth round to grab a slight lead.

Saturday, February 22nd 3.22PM GMT - Paris Legion 1-0 Minnesota RØKKR

The Paris Legion draw first blood on Gun Runner Hardpoint, taking the game 250-211 to grab the early series lead. Conrad "Shockz" Rymarek dealing huge damage armed with the MP5. Keep an eye on him in the respawn modes.

Saturday, February 22nd 3.01PM GMT

FIRST UP: The Minnesota RØKKR take on the Paris Legion. Currently in second, can Paris continue their strong start to the season? Or can Minnesota secure another victory on the board?

Saturday, February 22nd 3.00PM GMT


We are LIVE with the Atlanta Home Series, the third event of the 2020 Call of Duty League. Tune into the stream by scrolling down!

Saturday, February 22nd 1.46PM GMT

Just ONE HOUR to go until the matches get underway! Are we going to see the Atlanta FaZe clash against the Chicago Huntsmen this weekend?! We certainly hope so!

Saturday, February 22nd 11.51AM GMT

Not long until we see some world-class CoD esports action! Let us know your predictions for the event by tweeting us @Gfinity

Saturday, February 22nd 9.18AM GMT

Good morning! In just under six hours, CDL Atlanta begins with the Minnesota RØKKR taking on the Paris Legion in the opening match of the day. Find everything you need to know surrounding the event in this article!


Who’s Attending?

With the new tournament format in full swing, eight of the 12 franchise teams will be in attendance at the Atlanta home series. Find which teams will be competing below:

The teams have been split into two groups of four, with the first teams to win two matches will advance into the single-elimination bracket where the eventual winner of the event will be determined.

Predictions & Power Rankings

  1. Chicago Huntsmen
  2. Atlanta FaZe
  1. Dallas Empire
  2. Paris Legion
  3. London Royal Ravens
  4. Minnesota RØKKR
  5. Los Angeles Guerrillas
  6. Florida Mutineers
  7. New York Subliners
  8. Toronto Ultra
  9. Seattle Surge
  10. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

You can see our FULL predictions here.

Venue And Tickets

The Atlanta home series is being held at the Gateway Center Arena located in College Park, Georgia.

Tickets for the event can be found by clicking the link here.




Day 1

  • GAME 5: TBD VS TBD (9.30PM GMT)
  • GAME 7: TBD VS TBD (12.30AM GMT)

Day 2

  • GAME 10: TBD VS TBD (5.30PM GMT)
  • GAME 12: TBD VS TBD (8.30PM GMT)
  • GAME 13: TBD VS TBD (10.00PM GMT)