CDL 2020: Denz Paris Legion Player Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

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Denholm "Denz" Taylor is an SMG for the Paris Legion. The 24-year-old Australian will feature as part of the Paris franchise in the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2020 Season.

Denz is best known for his long stint on Australian organisation Mindfreak, having won eight offline events with them; earning over $130,000


Denz was part of the Australian team Trident T1 Dotters at the start of his career, shocking the world as the unknown identity went on to place fifth at their first and only international event. Most recently, Denz was part of the fan-favourite Reciprocity squad that placed top six during Black Ops 4

Here's Denz's player profile for the CDL 2020 season.

CDL 2020 Season

For the debut season of the Call of Duty League, Denz will be a part of the Paris Legion - the team consists of:

  • Luke "Louqa" Rigas
  • Conrad "Shockz" Rymarek
  • Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley
  • Timothy "Phantomz" Landis
  • Zach "Zed" Denyer
  • Paul "Breszy" Breszynski
  • Denholm "Denz" Taylor

With the CDL 2020 season yet to start, no offline tournaments have taken place yet. Denz has yet to participate in any significant tournaments.



Major Achievements

The following achievements feature all offline tournaments only.

Prize pool represents the total amount the team earned.

Game Event Date Place Prize Team
BO4Call of Duty World League Championship 201918-08-20195th-6th$75,000Team Reciprocity
BO4CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs21-07-20194th$100,000Team Reciprocity
BO4CWL Pro League 201905-07-20199th-12th$0Team Reciprocity
BO4CWL Anaheim 201916-06-20194th$25,000Team Reciprocity
BO4CWL Las Vegas Open 201909-12-20189th-12th$0Team Reciprocity
WWIICall of Duty World League Championship 201819-08-201817th-24th$12,500Mindfreak
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 219-07-201813th-14th$12,500Mindfreak
WWIICWL Anaheim Open 201817-06-20187th-8th$4,000Mindfreak
WWIICWL Seattle Open 201822-04-201817th-20th$0Mindfreak
WWIICWL Birmingham Open 201801-04-20189th-12th$0Mindfreak
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 122-03-201813th-14th$12,500Mindfreak
WWIICWL Atlanta Open 201811-03-20189th-12th$0Mindfreak
WWIICWL New Orleans Open 201814-01-201813th-16th$4,000Mindfreak
WWIICWL Dallas Open 201810-12-20179th-12th$0Mindfreak
IWCall of Duty World League Championship 201713-08-201717th-24th$12,500Mindfreak
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 223-07-201713th-16th$12,500Mindfreak
IWCWL Anaheim Open 201718-06-201717th-20th$0Mindfreak
IWCWL Dallas Open 201719-03-201717th-20th$0Tainted Minds
IWCWL Sydney Open 1 201705-03-20172nd$7,000Tainted Minds
IWCWL Atlanta Open 201712-02-20175th-6th$0Tainted Minds
BO3Call of Duty World League Championship 201604-09-201617th-24th$15,000Mindfreak
BO3ANZ CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 2 Playoffs16-07-20161st$44,000Mindfreak
BO3Mwave CGPL Autumn 201616-04-20161st$4,000Mindfreak
BO3Crown Melbourne Invitational 201610-04-20163rd-4thA$6,000Mindfreak
BO3ANZ CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 1 Playoffs20-03-20161st$2,500Mindfreak
AWDoesplay Gold Coast 10K Pro Series26-07-20151stA$5,500Mindfreak
AWACL Sydney 201529-06-20151stA$2,750Mindfreak
AWACL Brisbane 201531-05-20151stA$2,000Mindfreak
AWGfinity Spring Masters 201502-08-201513th-16th$50,000Mindfreak
AWCall of Duty Championship 201529-03-20156th$50,000Mindfreak
AWCall of Duty Championship 2015 Asia Pacific Regional Final14-02-20151st$6,000Mindfreak
GhostsMLG Anaheim 2014 International Playoffs22-06-20149th-11th$3,000Curse AU
GhostsACL Brisbane 201401-06-20142nd$1,000Curse AU
GhostsCall of Duty Championship 201430-03-20145th$70,000Trident T1 Dotters
GhostsCall of Duty Championship 2014 Australia-New Zealand Regional Final22-02-20141st$6,000Trident T1 Dotters




Team History

  • Paris Legion - Louqa, Shockz, KiSMET, Phantomz, Zed, Denyer, Breszy (October 2019 - Present)
  • Team Reciprocity -  wuskin, Tommey, Zed, Seany, Dylan, Alexx (October 2018 - March 2019)
  • Mindfreak - BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta (May 2017 - September 2018)
  • Tainted Minds - Damage, Nimble, Zeuss (January - May 2017)
  • ex-Orbit ANZ - Damage, Nimble, Zeuss (December 2016 - January 2017)
  • Mindfreak - BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta (November 2014 - December 2016)
  • Curse AU - LegaL, VeXeD, NoXiDe (April - June 2014)
  • Trident T1 Dotters - Iskatuu, Chilean, Damage (February - April 2014)


Denz's History


Denz exploded on the scene during Call of Duty: Ghosts with the Trident T1 Dotters.


After finishing first at the Australia-New Zealand Regional Final, the team went into COD Champs 2014 as massive underdogs.

Iskatuu, Chilean, Damage and Denz defied the odds by sweeping their pool 3-0 against FaZe Clan, SK Gaming and Aztek Gaming. They would continue their run, taking down Vitality.Returns and Rise Nation, before falling to OpTic Gaming and Team Envy. They bowed out of the competition by beating FaZe a second time to finish fifth.

Curse noticed this talented lineup and made their first venture into Australian COD esports - the team went on to place second at ACL Brisbane 2014 and top eleven at the MLG Anaheim 2014 International Playoffs.

Advanced Warfare

Advanced Warfare started out similar to last year, now under the Mindfreak banner with BuZZO, Shockz and Fighta, they won their COD Champs regional final. They went on to COD Champs 2015 and placed sixth - an early loss in the knockout phase, left them to make a loser bracket run advancing past Gamers2, Aware Gaming and Team Kaliber.

Their next international outing came at the Gfinity Spring Masters 2015 and it didn't end well as they lost both of their two games.

Back home, they continued to dominate the scene winning three championships in a row including ACL Brisbane, ACL Sydney and the Doesplay Gold Coast 10K Pro Series.



Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 was a good year for Mindfreak on a local level, the team stuck together and once again dominated. They won their Pro Division Stage 1 and 2 Playoffs. As well as the Mwave CGPL Autumn 2016 tournament.

Unfortunately, that year's COD Champs did not go to plan as they were grouped with FAB Games eSports (who placed second) and Luminosity Gaming (finishing top twelve).

Infinite Warfare

With the CWL no longer featuring regional pro leagues for the Infinite Warfare season, the Australians would need to travel to the US to compete in the big tournaments.

Denz left Mindfreak to join Tainted Minds for the new year with Damage, Nimble and Zeuss. Their best performance back home landed them second place at the CWL Sydney Open 1 2017 - beaten by Mindfreak.


Due to the fact they were having to compete in the open bracket, their best finish was top twenty. Eventually, Denz was reunited with his Mindfreak squad placing top sixteen in the Pro League for stage 2; they also finished the season top twenty-four at COD Champs 2017.


The Mindfreak squad stuck together for the return to boots on the ground.

With little happening in the Australian region once again, players were left with competing internationally.

The year held little to talk about other than successfully making their way to both stages of the Pro League.

The year again ended with a top twenty-four finish at COD Champs 2018.

Black Ops 4


Black Ops 4 required teams to have a squad of five and Denz found himself on his first international team, which was a rarity for an Australian player.

Denz joined Team Reciprocity with wuskin, Tommey, Zed and Seany. Their performances were below expectations and Denz was soon dropped for Dylan.

The team's change paid off as Dylan made an MVP like performance to reward the REC pack with a third-place finish at Fort Worth.

After finishing top eight at CWL London, another roster change was made with Denz being reinstated to the starting lineup for Tommey. Tommey stepped down from competing due to personal reasons.

A top twelve finish saw Seany make way for Alexx. The team finished top eight in the pro league and fourth in the playoffs.

At the final event of the year, COD Champs 2019, Reciprocity finished second in the pool behind Envy. Reciprocity went on to defeat FaZe and Luminosity, before being eliminated by OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves; leaving them with a top-six finish.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91