Modern Warfare's Latest Map Looks Familiar, And Fans Have Worked Out Why

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Modern Warfare Season 6 finally kicks off today, and that means new maps are coming to multiplayer.

One map, however, has sparked some debate on social media - Mialstor Tank Factory.


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Modern Warfare's New Map Looks Like One From Treyarch's Leaked Alpha

As spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter user @xPhaNToM_LioNx, the game bears some resemblance to a map shown in leaked CoD 2020 Alpha footage - which we now know as Black Ops Cold War.

How is nobody talking about @InfinityWard taking @Treyarch "Tank" map? This map was the map in the leaked pre-alpha footage. It was BOCW, it was copyright claimed claiming it "COD 2020" and even had BOCW's HUD this was back in MAY! The gun was also the Krig-6!!!
— CraKt xPLx 🅙 (@xPhaNToM_LioNx)
September 28, 2020

According to the leaked footage, the map was called "Tanks" and emerged through a since-deleted tweet.


While it may surprise many that Treyarch and Infinity Ward may be using similar assets, it makes sense.

With game development being a lengthy process, it arguably makes sense to share some assets between teams to ensure a steady annual release cadence.

Then there's the fact that it seems going forward, both teams will be building on Warzone - so having a shared set of creation tools will likely help with that.

Then again, there's a difference between some shared assets and entire multiplayer maps being copied across, although it could be that both were in development but Infinity Ward's was a little further along.


We may even see Treyarch's map released as part of Black Ops Cold War!

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