Metroid Dread Where to Go After Grapple Beam

If you’re wondering where to go after the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread, there’s good reason. The game doesn’t give you any pointers and relies on you having explored a fair bit before this point. The way forward is a bit tedious, though there’s a brutal new boss fight at the end that should shake the cobwebs off once you arrive.

Where to Go After Grapple Beam

Metroid Dread where to go after grapple beam
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Leave the room where you found the beam, and head back to Dairon via the elevator. Use the beam to destroy the grapple block, then slot yourself into the Ball Launcher, use a ball bomb, and away you go. There’s an E.M.M.I. Zone door in the room’s upper left. Enter it, then use the speed booster to destroy the blocks in front of the door.

Outside the E.M.M.I. Zone once again, you’ll find a grapple block. Pull it with your beam, then take the elevator to Ferenia. There’s only one path forward once you arrive in Ferenia, but make sure to use the recharge stations when you find them.

Chozo Robot Boss

Metroid Dread Chozo fight
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You’ll face off against a new enemy, a robotic Chozo warrior, and it’s more difficult than anything you’ve encountered before. Make good use of your Flash Shift to avoid its powerful melee attack, and keep mobile during the fight. It’s only vulnerable while moving or after an attack, so save your missiles for the right moment.

There’s a cutscene after you defeat the boss with plenty of lore, and you’ll get a brief E.M.M.I. reprieve before leaving Ferenia.

You’ll be back soon enough, though, and it’s easy to get stuck in Ferenia that time unless you know what you’re doing. It’ll still be a while before you can destroy the blue lightning blocks and use the Unknown Resource, but expect more of the Chozo robot fights the next time you visit Ghavoran.

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