Metroid Dread: How to Destroy Blue Lightning Blocks

You’ll encounter the Metroid Dread blue lightning blocks early in your time on ZDR, but there’s nothing you can do about them until the later phases of Samus’ final journey. She needs a classic upgrade to power through these obstacles.

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Metroid Dread Blue Lightning Blocks

The blue lightning blocks keep Samus from accessing key points in several regions, though even if it seems like you’re stuck, there’s always an alternate path forward. Continue on through the story until you defeat the Cataris boss, after which you can finally access the region’s blue teleporter, which takes you to Artaria. It's on the bottom righthand side of the map. You can see it's location in the screenshot below:

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The path from there is straightforward and leads you directly to the Screw Attack. You can see in the screenshot below that there is a small breakable wall between the room with the teleporter in it, and the upgrade. Using the Screw Attack is simple, since it automatically applies when you jump or use the space jump ability.

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Where to Go After Getting the Screw Attack in Metroid Dread

You have a few options in front of you next, including the purple EMMI fight in Ferenia. However, you can also get the Cross Bomb early, which is handy for exploration and getting around faster in Morph Ball form.

Metroid Dread blue lightning blocks
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Getting the Cross Bomb

Travel back to Burenia, and use the Screw Attack to finally access the upper part of the main water chamber near the transport train. This path takes you to the area’s green teleporter. Use it to arrive in Ghavaron again. The route here is linear, so just follow it until you reach a large, rectangular chamber where you’ll fight an X-infused monster.

Defeat it to get the Cross Bomb, then take the purple teleporter in Cataris and make your way to Ferenia to keep pushing ahead with the story.

That's all you need to know about how to deal with Metroid Dread's blue lightning blocks and what options the Screw Attack opens up. If you're keen on experiencing more of Samus' saga, check out our guide on what order to play the Metroid games in.

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