Metroid Dread: How to Counter an EMMI

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EMMIs are terrifying robotic enemies in Metroid Dread. They will kill you quickly if they catch you, but there is a last resort that you can deploy in order to buy yourself a window to escape. Like most enemies, EMMIs can actually be countered. EMMI Counters are much harder to pull off, though are not impossible. Here's how to Counter an EMMI.

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Metroid Dread: How to Counter an EMMI

If you come into contact with an EMMI and it touches you, a small animation will play. The EMMI will pin Samus down and swing once at her. A flash will happen, indicating when it can be countered. If you miss this, you will get one more flash before it kills Samus and get an instant game over. Here's some tips on countering.

The green EMMI in Metroid Dread.
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You Actually Get Two Counter Chances

Something that Metroid Dread doesn't explain very well is that there are actually two different counter opportunities once Samus has been caught by an EMMI. The first is indicated by a flash, usually shortly after the EMMI pins Samus down. The camera then pulls in close to Samus' face before one final counter flash happens. Pressing X at the right time will knock the EMMI back, allowing you to escape.


Counter Timing

The timing on the EMMI Counters is absolutely brutal. It's explained early on that this is an last resort, and even then there is a 99% chance of failure. I've found this to be exaggerated somewhat, but make no mistake, it is extremely difficult to counter an EMMI. My advice is to keep in mind that the timings vary each time you are pinned.

Unlike other enemies, who have the same timing, EMMIs will switch up when they strike. The first strike is the hardest to counter, so just try to press X a second after being caught. The second counter is easier to hit, as the camera is closer, and the timings seem to vary a little less. I generally use the first opportunity to guess where the attack may come, and really focus on nailing that second attempt.

What to Do After Landing a Successful EMMI Counter

If you do manage to successfully knock back an EMMI, they will freeze in place for a while with their back arched. This allows you to slide through their legs. You should try to reach an exit as soon as you can. Check your map before doing so, and plan a route. If you don't think you have enough time, use your invisibility Phantom Cloak. Make sure you're out of range and hide in a corner with the ability triggered. The EMMI will search for you, but won't attack unless it directly touches you. Use these extra moments to plan your escape.

That's how to counter an EMMI. Keep in mind that the timing is purposefully difficult to land, so focus on using your abilities to run away and exit through an EMMI door. For more on Metroid Dread, check out our guide on Which order You Should Play the Metroid Series in.