Metroid Dread Stuck in Ferenia: Where to Go After Ghavoran

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Stuck in Ferenia in Metroid Dread? It’s one of the game’s more difficult locations, and not just because of the purple E.M.M.I. It seems like there’s a number of paths you can take, though the way forward is more linear than you might think.

Where to Go After Ghavoran

Metroid Dread stuck in Ferenia

Once you take the shuttle car to Ferenia, you’ve really just got one way forward for now. Make your way through Ferenia’s empty corridors until you reach a massive hall. The upper right exit takes you to a cold sector, so your only choice is the lower left door for now.

Use the recharge station outside the E.M.M.I. Zone, then head inside. This Zone is where things start to get more difficult. The Purple E.M.M.I.’s sensor goes through walls, and it emits a purple ball of energy that briefly stuns Samus after it detects her. Fortunately, the E.M.M.I. is usually timed to be far enough away that you can escape without getting caught, assuming you don’t linger.

The tricky part is you’re dealing with water. Just keep moving, and never stay still for long, until you reach the exit. The path takes you to a map room, so download the local map and save, then exit to the left again and make your way up. Use Morph Ball Bombs to create an opening on the ledge, then head right. You can’t open the Storm Missile Shutter just yet, so use the other door and enter the save station.

From here on, your path is straightforward to the right, again, until you reach a tower outside. Use your Morph Ball Bombs to destroy the floor, and you’ll eventually end up in another boss arena.

Metroid Dread Escue

Metroid Dread Escue Fight

Your foe this time is Escue, an electric beetle that’s more nuisance than challenge. Avoid the electric projectiles it spits out and unleash a barrage of missiles every chance you get. Its shell melts away and reveals another boss, but all you need to do is fire missiles at it and absorb what it drops to finish.

Your reward is the Storm Missile, which you can use to open the door near the Ghavoran/Ferenia shuttle. Be prepared, though. There’s another tough fight waiting in the large hall you passed through before.

From ere, Dread really starts picking up steam. You'll be able to tear through those blue lightning blocks in the Gravity Suit soon and will finally have a use for the Unknown Resource.