Metroid Dread Unknown Resource Explained

Metroid Dread’s Unknown Resource continues the series’ tradition of letting you find items and areas before you’re technically supposed to. There’s some mystery attached to finding these items, but it’s pretty straightforward. You just need the right upgrade first.

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Metroid Dread Unknown Resource

The Unknown Resource is just ammo for the Power Bomb. You, obviously, can’t do anything with it until you get the Power Bomb, but it doesn’t hurt to grab it early if you can. The Power Bomb is one of the most useful weapons for clearing rooms of enemies. Any extra ammo is always useful, even though you won’t get the Power Bomb until close to the end of the game, long after acquiring the Ice Missiles.

Obtaining the Power Bomb

Metroid Dread power bomb block
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The path to the Power Bomb opens once you obtain the Screw Attack. Head to Hanubia via the Ferenia elevator, and follow the path through the Morph Ball shafts until you reach the EMMI Zone. There’s a cutscene with a Chozo Soldier, and then it’s time to enter the EMMI Zone. Stealth doesn’t matter here. Just pursue the Chozo Soldier, and another scene plays when you enter the Wave Beam door.

Red Chozo Soldier Fight

Metroid Dread Red Chozo
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Your next task is defeating the Chozo Soldier, which is fairly simple. Despite the change in armor color, this Chozo Soldier is the same as the one you faced in Elun when you obtained the Plasma Beam. In fact, it’s slightly easier since you have the space jump. Stay far enough back to avoid its melee attacks, and perform a space jump or Screw Attack when you see it leap onto the wall.

Use your missiles liberally, and the fight should end with little hassle. You'll obtain the Power Bomb automatically as part of a cutscene that plays after this fight.

That’s all you need to know about Metroid Dread’s Unknown Resource. If you're keen on checking out the rest of Samus' adventure, make sure to play Metroid in the right order.

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