Melty Blood Type Lumina: Who Will Be Its DLC Characters?

Type Moon Games hasn't confirmed any additional DLC characters are joining Melty Blood Type Lumina's roster yet. However, going by the visual novel that this game was based from, we can speculate.

Here's what we know about the DLC characters for the game.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina DLCs

Right now, developers Type Moon Games hasn't confirmed they'll add any new characters to Melty Blood Type Lumina. We're unsure if any will come during the last few months of 2021, or even across 2022.

For now, fans expecting to see new Melty Blood Type Lumina fighters might not get that anytime soon.

Tsukihime Other Side Of Red Garden Release

Beyond expecting an announcement, Type Moon Games has confirmed a continuation of the Tsukihime visual novel, which the Melty Blood games are based on. After the first - A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon - expansion, the Tsukihime remake also has a confirmed - Other Side Of Red Garden - continuation.

Within this visual novel, players can now pursue romantic routes with Akiha Tohno, Kohaku, Hisui, and Satsuki Yumizuka as the main character. So far, Akiha, Kohaku, and Hisui have already made appearances in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

Elsewhere, the original Tsukihime visual novel had planned to make Satsuki Yumizuka a central heroine, though she's been relegated to a side character and even comic relief at times. In the upcoming visual novel, a Satsuki route is confirmed, which could potentially see her added as a playable character in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

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Likely Additions

Beyond more heroines, Melty Blood Type Lumina could get alternate versions of it's characters, similar to how they've currently included a regular Arcueid Brunestud and her vampiric Red Arcueid version. That's also possible on some characters like Ciel and Noel.

So far, Ciel has a powered up version where she uses heavier weaponry. This includes a pilebunker, greatsword, and large bow to fight foes. To defeat Vlov Arkhangel, Ciel used these weapons along with help from Shiki Tohno.

Meanwhile, Noel has a vampiric Dead Apostle version where she uses thorny vines and mind-based powers to torture foes. Potentially, Type Moon Games can add these versions of this characters to beef up the roster of Melty Blood Type Lumina.

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