Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Use Last Arc Supers

Every Melty Blood Type Lumina character has their own Last Arc Drive, which hurt badly when it lands on a foe. Thankfully, the inputs and resources needed to use one on your foes are same for every character, making it easier for beginners. Here's how players can use their character's ultimate move.

What Is A Last Arc?

In Melty Blood Type Lumina, the Last Arc attack is a super move that inflicts significant damage if landed. Every character uses the same input to activate this move, which is all attack buttons and the Shield simultaneously. Namely, the "A+B+C+D" input. Alternatively, players can activate this attack if they successfully parry any enemy attack during Blood Heat mode.

Once the attack or Blood Heat parry is landed, players can sit and watch the super animation until it finishes to see their foe's damage.

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How To Use A Last Arc

Players will need to satisfy at least one of these conditions to use this attack:

  • Have 4 bars of Magic Circuit meter filled up and pressing A+B+C+D attack
  • Activate Blood Heat mode through using the Heat when all four Magic Circuit meter are full and using the A+B+C+D attack
  • During Blood Heat mode, successfully parry any attack using the D shield

Due to its four meter bar requirement, players need to give the match point to get access to their fourth bar.

On use, the Last Arc attack is a slow, invulnerable swing that can be blocked which makes it difficult to simply approach and land on your foes. On the other end, the Blood Heat parry version is an easier way to land this attack. However, be careful if the foe knows about this, as they'll be cautious from releasing random attacks to not activate their super this way.

When To Use A Last Arc

Though Last Arc takes over half of your opponent's health, it's often best used to end a round. Landing Last Arc attack will fully burn the fourth bar for the rest of the match. Make sure to end things when this move is used, or keep the match's momentum on your side until victory is secured.

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